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    GHOST Soul Saver cheat world: my name is cheat-on, who explain you about this game. i hope you to listen what i explain and follow it. Here is the page to select the faction - there are justice faction, evil force, chaos faction. The skill style will be changed depending on which faction you selected. If you select one of them, you will not able to turn it back. So please think carefully before making a decision. If you want to select another faction, you can press the exit button at the top right of the screen.


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    Manage items - here is the place where you can manage your own equipment. You can equip, enchant, combine, sell on the baggage. You can press the verify button to see the detail. Enchant - requires enchant stone and cost to enchant the item. Accessory cannot be enchanted. Mounting equipment - you can install the equipment to equipment 1 slot, equipment 2 slot. Equipment stat is depending on the one of equipments stat that selected slot during equipment 1 and 2. Not able to sell or fuse the equipment which is displayed as it is being equipped in the baggage.

    GHOST Soul Saver cheats android, ios hack codes

      Lobby screen - you can press the verify button to view the description.
    • Energy - item consumed during hunt and boss raid. Obtains from shop or free shop.
    • Crystal - cash item in game, can be obtained by hacking, payment, free shop or mission.
    • Faction mark - shows the pattern of the current character faction among factions between justice faction, chaos faction, and evil force. You can use the unique skill attribute for hunting.
    • User information - displays character name and level, obtained experience. There are attendance, video, cumulative reward, setting menu.

    • GHOST Soul Saver gift box
      Lucky shop - item in the game can be obtained randomly.
    • Cori shop - select item in the game to obtain. Baggage - it is a place to store obtain items, and you can enchant, fuse, equip, and sell your own items in the baggage.
    • Skill - equip skill and skill can be upgraded.
    • Hunting - you can select specific area to move the stage.
    • Manage per - you can manage and enchant the soul.
    • Raid - defeat the boss appeared after hunting with your friends to receive a reward by rank.
    • Mission - you can check the mission list and progress, and receive a reward for complete.

    GHOST Soul Saver secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: fusion - if 3 same level items have been fused, they will be changed to the same level or high level item. If attribute of equipped items are the same, the set attribute effect will be applied with additional ability. The set attribute will be displayed as a unique mark depending on its attribute. There are some advantages of each attribute, and favorable attribute will give more damage, but unfavorable attribute will give less damage. Please refer to a help on the baggage menu to check the advantage of attribute. Equipment set - if the same equipment as your faction has been equipped, equipment set effect will be applied with additional ability.

    GHOST Soul Saver Tutorial: the manage skill is the place where making that you can use more powerful skills after upgrade your own skills. The skill can be initialized by crystal. Also each skill can be upgraded again. Active - the skill that can be equipped, and used by manual control. Passive - the skill is always effective after upgrade even if it is not equipped. To upgrade your skill, you need a skill point. The 1 or 2 skill points will be consumed when you learn the skill, and you can get 1 point when you level up.

    Wiki: if you press the stage button, you can see the mission information and item shop. Defeat target mission is a way to be cleared. The stage information window contains drop items, friend rank and so on. You have to connect the swords (block) with the monsters (block) to attack the evil spirit (monster), if the sum of connection is more than three. And skull mark will be displayed over the monster when you’ve chance to defeat the monster by connecting the sword to the monster. You can use the sword block well if you look at the mark.

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    1. NuLwSSmh48BpBUb - gold
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    3. Bq3bMHgHBbEASFZ - gem crystal
    4. kqXskmmb6twuL1w - upgrade
    5. aoaHkQSeviWa3ie - evolve
    6. gt00COaTCXCbpsb - diamonds
    7. GYrJTjEDBurVRuX - rune
    8. nkxIOjy83iRr8NU - fusion
    9. 57uiUf8B5K9qlLr - level up
    10. dwH0wVR0V6CRwmS - gift box
    11. YcaBXTA63KGbMxG - premium pack
    12. viRtWBldKCPR33l - vip ticket
    13. 7CfMXLuvdPDRwMt - energy
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