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    Volantia cheat world: welcome to new game, the kingdom in the Sky. Or what’s left of it. Although much of our world has collapsed into the dark, some other parts of it remain up here, drifting between the clouds. We’ve gathered at the collegium where the magisters are working to locate and recover these islands. The magisters have managed to find an island nearby and pulled it in for us. We’ll be able to graft its dust and roots with this one, and expand our realm. Open the islands queue panel in the bottom left of the screen to select and place this recently recovered island.


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    There are many more such islands all around us, but it will take some time for the magisters to retrieve them. They’ll let us know when they do. In the meantime, we must begin restoring our realm. To do that, we’re going to need a lot of matter, a versatile biomaterial that the magisters use to create many of the things the Tazari will need. You can see how much matter is in storage at the collegium on the top left of the screen.

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    Many things is our world are a source of matter, including dust itself. Let’s plant a dust tree in a dust field to begin extracting some, which the magisters can then convert into matter at the collegium. Open the production panel in the bottom left of the screen to select and place a dust tree on a dust field. The dust must be collected by a custodian and transported to the collegium to be processed by the magisters into Matter. We’ll have to build a road between the dust field and the collegium so we can send out a custodian to do this. With the uncertain footing uphere in the clouds, all structures must be connected to the Collegium by road to ensure custodian safety.
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    When the dust is ready for collection, a custodian will pick up and deliver it to the Collegium for processing. Dust extraction usually takes some time, so we’re going to speed things up for a moment. To keep an eye on what’s going on, you can also click on a structure to view its stats, which are displayed on the bottom right of the screen. Most of our buildings and plants either produce or require materials, and some buildings will even convert one material to another. We’ll need to maintain an abundant supply of Dust and other resources to keep up with our expansion.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the magisters have informed us that four new islands have now been retrieved, and are ready to be grafted. The timer in the island queue panel will let us know how much longer it’ll be until more islands are pulled back in. Now that we’ve started to establish a viable new community, we’re ready to move out of the Collegium and into our own house. We will, however, require some basic necessities. Every house we build can support a single custodian, and as long as the house has a supply of food, the Tazar who lives in it will be able to help with transporting resources to and from the Collegium.

    Volantia Tutorial: open the production panel to select and place a house and a fruit tree. When the fruit has ripened on its branches, a custodian will collect and deliver it to a house. Since it takes a while to generate and collect resources (and, perhaps, wait for something else significant to happen), the magisters have designed some additional mechanisms to better enhance your supervision. Speed control and other admin tools are now unlocked at the top right of the screen. While the speed controls are definitely useful, the magisters caution against overuse. It can be easy to miss some details at high speeds. Why not spend some of this time cultivating more dust trees? It could be useful to have multiple sources of matter.

    Wiki: everyone is settling in now, but we’ve got a lot more work ahead of us. Most crucially, the magisters have discovered that many of their ongoing research projects were lost during the recent disaster. So our first priority is to get that research started again, because it’s going to help us rebuild our world much more easily. To do so, we’re going to build an Alchymia workshop. We’ll also need to begin harvesting Chryso, a special element that we extract from our forests with a Chryso Tree, which the alchymist's need to conduct their research.

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