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    Dungeon of Zaar cheat world: at the beginning of the match, players amy place their mercenaries freely in their starting zone. Click on a mercenary to move, then click on a tile of your team color, even if occupied, to change his position.
      Three new mercenaries joined your journey:
    • The slime: born from a mix of sludge and magic, the slime is a bulky mercenary that can spray acid around him and slow down approaching foes.
    • The guardian - animated by ancient magic, the guardian's is mobile support that heals allies close to him. His powerful fist can punch mercenaries afar.
    • The warlock - praising the forgotten gods, the warlock invokes demons to fight for her in the arena. Due to dark magic, she can see where others can’t
    • We hope that you’ll enjoy trying new builds and strategies with them.


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    New arena: the library - a new gate of the dungeon has been opened, now Zaar’s library is ready to be explored! This library is told to be one of the largest of the kingdom, filled with precious ancient books and magic parchemets. Fighting in the library can be a bit tricky, as the arena has teleporting tiles on the floor! If the tile is active, and if you move one of your mercenaries to a teleportation tile he will be sent at the other side of the arena, taking your enemy by surprise. just be sure to be safe on the other side.

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    • Aquamancer - coming from the depth of the sea the Aquamancer is a support helping it’s allies with water magic. He can block enemies and help allies move faster while restoring them. Revitalizing Drops gives heals and swiftness to those consuming it. Invokes a revitalizing Drop on an empty tile. If an ally walks on it, he gets healed by 4 and is able to move again for half of his movement. Enemies destroys the revitalizing Drop upon walking on them. Maximum 2 actives.
    • Champion - shaped by the arena, the champion is a powerful mercenary that can inflict great damage and hold his own in melee fights. Abilities: giant boulder - the so called giant boulder waves a powerful mace in the face of his enemy. It probably hurts. Like a lot. Anrage - once damaged, the champion be even more stubborn, making him even harder to slay.

    • Dungeon of Zaar gift box
      Archer - is the choice for long distance attack and high mobility. He can slow down enemies and deliver the finishing blow to an injured enemy. Abilities: sharp arrow - the archer fires an arrow, aiming the vital points of his enemies. No one escapes a well armed hunter. Twin arrows - fires quickly two arrows to hurt two different targets.

    • Mage - obsessed by magic, the mage is a fire specialist who strikes enemies at mid range distance with powerful fireballs falling from the skies. Abilities: fire rain - the mage knows the arcane of pyromancy, he can make a rain of amber fall down on a crowd of opponents.
    • Sentry - conceived as a defensive tower, the Sentry is a powerful long ranged damage dealer. Standing still gives it extra power to quickly kill enemies. Abilities - energy beam - the sentry discharge the enemy within his crystal in powerful light beam able to take down distant enemies. Charge - if it doesn’t move the Sentry can charge it’s crystal to accumulate energy for the next attack.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Resistance - damages inflicted are reduced by the indicated value. Arena^ the foundry - deep in the castle lies it’s warm health, it is told that long ago the foundry was a place where hundreds of workers used to melt irons and precious metals to create relics and props for Zaar’s castle. In terms of gameplay, the foundry is a small map where explorers can be really aggressive from the start of the game. There are no holes in the ground so players will need to protect their troops in other ways.

    Tutorial (wiki): town - visit the different shops to purchase new materials, items and mercenaries. Camp - rest in your camp to create new teams and strategies. Drag mercenaries and items onto empty slots and save your teams for a later use. Online battle - enter the dungeon and fight other explorers online. Select one of your team saved from the camp and enter the battlefield in casual or ranked mode. Training - try your teams against artificial intelligence to learn the basics of the game.

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