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    Wild Park Manager cheat world: hello, i’ll be your secretary. Pleased to meet you. Park is just a small park on the edge of town, but i know that you can turn it into an amazing animal theme park that will draw tourists from all over the word. Ahem, well.. but we need to get some facilities in here. Go to the build menu on the top left. Alright, let’s get started and build something! First, tap the zone tab on the upper left.


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    This is where you go to set up a zone. Once you’ve prepared a zone, you can build facilities and amenities within it. By the way, if a zone isn’t connected directly to the entrance, you can always connect them by building walkways. Combos occur when there are compatible amenities within the same zone. They add great bonuses to stats, so they’re really good stuff. Let’s try pairing up different amenities to see what works.

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    You’ve got facilities that generate revenue and amenities, which visitors use without paying. List of environment objects, such as plans - some of them affect other things nearby, or have special effects on visitors. A visitor’s satisfaction level went up, just like that! I heard that’s really good for us. Satisfied visitors will spend more in the park, use more facilities and maybe even bring us gifts. I carries out a survey, actually. According to the results, visitors are more satisfied when there are lots of facilities and amenities that they like.
    • Plaza - large area for building amenities.
    • Dogwood - plant by walkways to boost entry fees.
    • Trash can - for keeping the park clean.
    • Fountain - the flow of water is mesmerizing.
    Wild Park Manager gift box
    Good news, the parks association has given us a zone they’re saying we should try out. It seems it’s suitable for animals! There’s a bell icon over the zone. Tap it to invite an animal. You can now carry out investments. Investing in various events can help your park grow. Open the development menu and go to investment. Animals will only come if they feel like it.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: we’re getting visitors - the more amenities we provide, the more visitors the park will attract. See how visitor leveled up? That’s a result of using our facilities and amenities. I heard that it can have some benefit for us too. Buildings - it looks like locked? Don’t worry, there’s a way to unlock it. We’ll just need to meet the money and materials requirements.

    Tutorial (wiki): visitor made a comment about our park. That we don’t have enough plants. What to do...uhm, i’ll go round to the local shops and see if they’re selling any plants. I walked round the back of the greengrocer and found all sorts of shrubbery just growing there. Let’s find a place for it somewhere in our park. See how quality has improved near the plants? And higher quality makes it easier to make our visitors satisfied. In other words, if you want your visitors to be happy, make sure everything is top quality.

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