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    Midair cheat world: movement - use your mouse to look around. Use W, S, A, D to move. Tap right mouse button to jump over small hunrdles and pits. You have been equipped with a jetpack that uses your armor’s energy to thrust in any direction. Activate your jetpack by holding RMB. COntrol the direction of the thrust by holding W,S,A,D while jetting.


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    Remember, your jetpack uses energy which is shown as a blue bar in the bottom left of your screen. Energy automatically recharges whenever you are not using it. Gain altitude quickly by holding RMB without holding other movement keys. Once you've reached your desired height, use W while holding RMB to convert upward thrust into forward thrust. If needed, use the ledges on the way up to recharge your energy.

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    Your jet thrust changes direction based on where you’re looking and the movement keys you’re holding while jetting. This can help you navigate around objects or dodge enemy fire. Use your jetpack and movement keys to move in a curve around the corner. For added challenge, try facing one direction the entire time. You can use your momentum to your advantage. Get some momentum by running toward the ledge. Activate your jetpack and let go of W to let your momentum move you forward while gaining maximum height with your jets. Use your movement keys to make small adjustments to steer toward the ledge.
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    Light armor - quick, versatile armor that sacrifices staying power for speed and agility. Your armor comes with the ability to activate a frictionless skiing mode. This allows you use your weight and momentum to glide down hills and pick up speed to get where you need to be as fast as possible. Hold space to activate skiing. Ski down the kill and into the elevator shaft. To reach the fastest speeds and the highest heights in Midair, you’ll need to combine skiing with your jetpack. As you start to ascend the next hill, activate your jetpack with RMB to use your momentum to make it to the ledge.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: choose one of the practice courses and chain skiing and jetting together to reach the platform. Green - start here, learn to chain the use of your jetpacks and skiing to reach the platform. Yellow - a little harder, learn to use skiing and terrain to change direction. Red - put it all together , take what you’ve learned and practice without guidelines. Use your right launcher to destroy all of the targets in the shooting range and move through the door.

    Tutorial (wiki):If you run out of ammo, pick up some ammo capsules behind you or press K to evacuate and respawn with more ammo. Projectiles in Midair take time to reach their target. The further away your target is, the more you will need to lead your shot. inventory stations will give you the most powerful armors, weapons, packs, and items, but there’s something wrong with yours. Grab the repair pack from the wall and use it to repair the inventory station. Grenade launcher - deals splash damage at medium range.

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