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    Project Gorgon cheat world: welcome, this is a game about exploration, and your first task is to find a way off this island. We’ll give you 60 seconds of combat training and then set you off to explore on your own. You found some food and sword. Press the backpack icon on the right of the screen, then right click the food and sword icons in your inventory. Eat one ration and save the rest for later. The benefits of food last for an hour.


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    There’s some feeble old skeletons nearby. Walk up, click on one, then press the sword attack button at the bottom of the screen to hit it. You found armor, equip that! It will give you armor points, which help keep you alive. When you’re attacked, half the damage is absorbed by your armor and the other half by your health (see the bars at the top of the screen?). If you run out of armor, all the damage goes to health instead. If you run out of health, you die.

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    Kill skeleton with the sword. That should give you enough sword XP to raise your level. You might want to use a punch attack, too. That’s the icon beneath the sword attack - the little first. That way you’ll gain XP with both sword and unarmed skills. You just learned the ability parry - defensive maneuver that diminishes enemy’s rage and weakens their next attack. Your new parry ability depletes a monster’s rage (tat’s the little purple bar under their health bar). When their rage is full, they can do a special rage attack. Skeleton swordsmen’s special move will stun you - very annoying! Try out your parry ability. Use it when their rage meter is getting full.
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    While using unarmed skill, 7% of all acid, poison, and nature damage you take is mitigated and added to the damage done by your next kick. ABility charm rat - befriend a rat. the rat will fight for you as long as you remain in the rat’s natural home zone. Requires a cheese. Spore bombs - concoct explosive fungal bombs. The result is dangerous to most creatures, but especially to those that are momentarily Vulnerable.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: raising one skill often gives bonus levels in another skill. Bonus levels can raise a skill above its level cap. Epic loot mode - you have higher chances of finding epic (four effect) equipment from monsters. For an hour after you eat food, you’ll regenerate health and power between fights. And better food than this can regenerate you during combat, too.

    Tutorial (wiki): Many cuts- a flurry of attacks that leave the enemy disoriented and disheveled. Brain scrub - dispels up to three stacks of the brain fog debuff. That’s all the basics you need to get started. Now you can explore the island. See if you can find the way to the mainland. If you get stuck, try asking for help in chat. Good luck.

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