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    Fellow Eternal Clash cheat world: monsters have become irresistibly violent, and Runea has fallen into an age of chaos. In the meantime, the lord of Firence has gone missing while carrying out a royal mission….Enemies have begun the final siege. Demonic creatures stand between you and everything you ever cherished. Behind them lies only a trail of blood, of chaos and destruction. The time has now come to take back what was once yours. A legacy is about to unfold of those seeking redemption for their past and of those who wish to protect their future...Join the fight.


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    Recruiting mercenaries! We are recruiting soldiers to fight on behalf of the village. We need all the help we can get. Select quest guide allows you to advance the quest to automatically. You can ride a mount by pressing the mount button on the main screen. You can ride it while moving between quests to speed up our progress.

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    • Mage (command the elements) - the mage is able to control the elements of water, fire, wind, earth, and darkness. Through years of perseverance, she has mastered the ability to conjure elemental magic to heal allies and remove harmful effects.
    • Warrior (fight for glory) - the warrior uses a greatsword to control and suppress the enemy’s movements. He fights using his towering size to block incoming strikes and uses powerful wide area attacks to overpower his enemies.

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      Rogue (wield the shadows) - the rogue specializes in one on one combat, excelling where there is ample cover. She prefers to strike first in a surprise attack, finishing the fight before it even begins.
    • Ranger (strike from Afar) - the ranger stays a comfortable distance away from her enemies and strikes at blinding speed. She takes advantage of various tricks to restrict tougher enemies’ movements.

    Fellow Eternal Clash secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: do you know how to use an As potion? Select inventory menu, select the attack speed potion.You can press equip button to use it. The potion will be activated when you touch the attack spells. Feel the different between the moments you have used and haven’t used the potion. Finally, every cooldown during activation, the potion will automatically be used up. You can get additional reward using the bonus points accumulated daily. There is no time limit for hero achievement. Your character will permanently proceed the achievement.

    Tutorial (wiki): skills ( in order to learn a skill, you need SP (skill points) and gold): shadow kick - kick an enemy to deal 150% of attack damage and prevent the target from attacking. Teleport - teleport behind an enemy to deal 130% of attack damage in a line and stun the target for 2 seconds. When you learn skill, you can learn up to the maximum level of that skill. As the skill level goes up, the amount of SP (skill point) and gold will increase, so make note of that. You can equip tier 1,2 and tier 3 skills in each slot.Since the skill you just chose is a tier 2 skill, it will be activated to you tier 2 slot, right? You can also deactivate or change the selected skill. Try to make your own skill tree.

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    6. naqsnLuqyjPFPyI - premium pack
    7. WDFPOkeUrg83ZI7 - gift box
    8. VZRKvInXv10Gokc - level up
    9. PTPLDhmmJjCEqt5 - evolve
    10. NbAPt7oiMQd09dJ - upgrade
    11. KqeiCycDNxTXMMv - costume
    12. Amzkb3RtK1kyAP8 - skill points
    13. o5YJaFcbpriRoNy- AP
    14. zKDUXyugXPDFFzD - diamonds gem
    15. m0D12G9T9djvunJ - crystal
    16. YNN6PRdhSW24q9I - wings
    17. ClhqxwzD7yDbj5e - legendary weapon
    18. 2XvRopBgm7CS3vK - epic gear
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