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    Six-Guns Gang Showdown cheat world: thought it was a woman screaming, but it’s just a vulture. Look hungry, but he won’t get his meal today. Must’ve had a hell of a night last night… Where i am? Where the hell is my horse? Of course, every night’s a hell of a night when you spend it drowning yer memory. My Pa always said, “when in doubt, head west.” Look like the old bastard was right. Hopefully they got some whiskey for me. Looks like trouble, last thing i was hoping to find. But then again trouble always finds me...


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    Drag the V pad to walk and run around. you’ll need to get a gun for the challenge. First, tap the shop icon to open the shop interface. Touch the green icon to purchase a new weapon. I’ll help you, but first you should help me! Use the map to access missions directly. Tap the mini map to open the full scale map. Tap a quest location to activate it.

    Six-Guns Gang Showdown cheats android, ios hack codes

    • Rusty gun - a rusty weapon used by the most infamous outlaws.
    • the mutilator - make a mess of your enemies with this nasty chainsaw.
    When your health is low or you’re running out of ammo, you can get quick refills with the quick hack icon.
    Six-Guns Gang Showdown gift box
    Touch the horse icon to call a horse. Tap or hold the spur icon to boost your speed. Release the spur icon to recover stamina. Touch or hold the fire icon to attack. You can travel instantly to the selected mission by touching hack icon. Someone placed these mysterious artifacts all over Arizona. Ever since, people have been having horrific nightmares. If you wanna help, find all the artifacts and destroy them.

    Six-Guns Gang Showdown secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the hand icon means you can interact with a person or object. The world is a big place: you can use fast travel to get to Oregon. Shooting lottery - keep playing to unlock new items and improve your reward. You can try your luck for free once a day! Tap the poster you want to shoot. Bear in mind, if you wanna go for the good stuff, you’ll need to raise your bet. Can’t get a big reward if you don’t take a big risk. Playing the lottery more than once will unlock new weapons for ya. It’ll also increase the odds of you winning better prizes.

    Tutorial (wiki): miracle elixir - it’ll perk you up, clear your sinuses, make you stronger, faster, more durable, and it’ll even get out those tough stains on your finest boots. Use berserker elixir - this elixir increases your weapons’ damage for a short period time. Tyr the Masquerade elixir - this elixir makes you invisible against your enemies for a short period of time. Use turbo elixir - increases your speed.

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    1. PxdMnS6KeZpd2oW - bullet chest
    2. fu9In5yDY27qB53 - silver
    3. bkeZ5HHR4KWMYgE - gold
    4. u3e2SZ5Jy0pezPN - bronze
    5. hnS2pDIANdO0Fn4 - lottery
    6. IvpAsFY8zosILqN - elixir
    7. L2gFueBD5KbBCUq - weapon
    8. 924jpqFs3KLtWVw- off reload
    9. LU9iIBYOsYM4fHW - unlimited ammo
    10. vO8xQDV2lx2jMmM - gift box
    11. EnRfQx2C7Rb5Vb2 - premium pack
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