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    Three Kingdoms The Shifters cheat world: you, the hero wishing for the well being of the people - are you aware of what’s happening in your world? The innocent became bandits as they weren’t able to survive any further. The world is now full of bandits and the hometown is nothing but a hell. Many heroes attempted to fix the world but only the meaningless shouts have filled up the vest fields. How resentful do we feel for the young have bleed so much.


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    You, the chosen one with the sword around your waist stand up and unsheathe your sword. Give medicine to the sick - spears to the weak. And put turbans on all of them, gather the people and when they become to favor the yellow sky, the world will be yours. The army of Gongsun Zan and the army of Yuan Shao are confronting each other at a boundary bridge. Help!

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    Hello! Nice to meet you! I am the mascot and the game guide, cheat-on! Today, i am here to guide you to the world of another epic by you, the second of our trilogy. The first one, Orpheus story, was about Greek mythology. And from the ancient Greece, we have moved to the ancient CHina - Wei, SHu, and Wu - the Three kingdoms period of China. Look at this map, Many of you might be unfamiliar with world map; this is the map is of the period between the year 189 and 201 - my favorite part of the three kingdoms period. It’s the early part of the three kingdoms period - the period of rivalry of local barons.
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    Lots of heroes challenged the world with their ambition in mind. Nobody was overwhelmingly powerful yet, so it was a great time to grow your forces. Guide jobs require quite intermediate skills. It’s not like everybody can do this job. And in addition, Nikea offers low wage, so nobody applies for this job in the first place. However, if you progress the game, you will soon encounter some choices. And sometimes, some of those choice will affect the reward or even how the story will go. ANyway, you will receive the rewards after completing quests. Accept quest, read the story, and get the rewards - this is how it goes.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: manually locked gears will not appear in dissolve bar. All resources crate - it’s amazing that resources come out from this small crate. This crate somehow seems like it will give me all kinds of resources. Main quests appear once certain conditions have been satisfied. You don’t need to do every quest but if you don’t it might be your loss. Messages will be automatically deleted in 7d unless they are achieved. every tuesday, during an earthquake, the season changes and each season has various effects. Did you know, on the first of every month, the event that gives you twice as many sycees at purchase gets reset.

    Tutorial (wiki):You can develop the dominion by building, drilling, and proceeding quests. Upgrade the mansion to fortify the rampart and store more resources in the Mansion. You can fire unneeded champions or move their Xps to another champion at academy. The champion will be fired afterwards. Check out all the units you have in the current town. Units assigned to champions don’t show up here. Champions visit tavern every 3 hour. Champions can be powerful warriors in the battlefield or show off their amazing talents.

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