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    Official site Arena of Valor cheat world: Athanor, our home, our ruin. We could not see, no refused to see the beauty that lay before us blinded by our rage and greed. So we fight. It’s all we know. To preserve what little we have to save us from ourselves, we cannot afford to fail.


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    Destroy the enemy core to achieve victory. Challenger, you must hone your skills before charging into battle. Let’s prepare for the coming battles. Move your hero with the joystick. Attack enemies with the attack button. Item shop - purchase equipment to strengthen your hero (attack, magic, defense, movement, and jungling). Tap hack icon to quickly purchase the recommended item.

    Arena of Valor cheats android, ios hack codes


    Enemy defense towers protect their core. Achieve victory by destroying the enemy core. Don’t try to attack a tower by yourself. Our minions are attacking the enemy, go join them! Let your minions shield you from the tower’s blasts. Item shop items and weapon: chain hammer, shuriken, Fanfnir’s Talon, dagger, war boots, claves Saneti, bloodied club, cleaving claymore, slick's sting, boots of speed, tempest blades, muramasa, short sword, astral spear, ancestral glory and etc. Buy more items to become stronger!
    Arena of Valor gift box
    Tap the + button next to your first ability to learn bloody hunt. Use bloody nut to defeat the group of minions. Tap your second ability to use curse of death to stun the target. Tap the + button next to bloody hunt to upgrade the ability and increase its magic damage. Valhein’s ultimate: bullet storm - can damage enemies in a wide arc. Heal yourself with restore. Restore’s effects will be canceled if you take damage.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: turn on sound effects for a more immersive experience. Remember to keep buying equipment while you are playing. Return to the altar to quickly restore health points and mana. If you attack enemy heroes, the towers will pummel you with a heavy barrage. Enemies cannot see you when you’re hiding in the brush. Tap and hold cheats button to view details about the ability and unlock it.

    Tutorial (wiki): first, let’s take a look at the battlefield. The blue bars show our team’s HP. The red bars show the enemy’s. There are 3 battle lanes. Destroy the enemy towers on 1 to reach the enemy core. Destroy the enemy core to achieve victory. Choose one of the battle lanes. Wait for your minions and follow them into battle.

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