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    Official site Terratech cheat world: your cab is a bit banged up, but you made it. Protect cab at all costs. Click and drag the right mouse button. Look around for other parts. Drag a standard block to the back of the cab using the left mouse button. Now attach all of the wheels to the sides. Grab the gun and stick it on top. Drill - stick it to the front. YOu’ve reassembled your basic tech. Now tap B to release the build beam. Check your systems - use WASD to drive around. Ok -now the weapons, hold spacebar to fire your gun.


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    A rival prospector has come to raid your landing site, defend yourself. Fire at the enemy’s cab by pressing and holding spacebar. Nice job! It looks like tony left some blocks behind. Try attaching them to your tech. Part of your base were scattered in the crash, use the mission log to help you find them. Purchase a collector to begin harvesting resources. Head over to the trading station to start using it. You can earn more money by delivering resource chunks ( or hack cheats) to the trading station.

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    Solar generator - it generates power when anchored to the ground. Place the solar generator on the ground with the left mouse button to anchor it. Attach repair bubble projector to the solar generator, it needs power to function. You can power your repair bubble with battery whilst you’re on the move. The repair bubble will drain battery power whilst active. When your battery need charging, attach it to an anchored solar generator. The radar adds a mini map to your HUD. The mini map shows the locations of nearby points of interest and enemies.
    Terratech gift box
    Trading stations art as a public drop off point where anyone can sell resources. You can also buy new blocks from them with your earnings. The following blocks can be purchased at the trading station, or crafted with the GSO fabricator. There are other new blocks to discover out there too.
      Terratech Modes:
    • R&D test chamber - the place where you can build and play with all the newest of the new stuff (disclaimer: experimental blocks may be subject to random malfunctions and explore before your very eyes).
    • Sumo - wrestle other techs in a fight for superiority. Will you push them out of the ring, or annihilate them completely?

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the refinery will turn basic resources into something shinier and more expensive. Silos can hold a ton of resource chunks. I’ll let you into a little secret, i’ve found a way to make blocks myself, behold the fabricator. Attach the fabricator to the end of the conveyor line. Right click on the fabricator. Select the block then press the hammer button.

    Tutorial (wiki): the refinery must know that this fabricator recipes uses raw resources. Lathrix wouldn't it help if you change the drones to go for closer targets since that's where the weapons are the best .... if you are close to an enemy the autocannons shred even stronger tanks because the hits are so concentrated. The Scrappers found some remnants of a couple of different small vehicles from a few different factions and assumed that they were from the same vehicle. They thought it was a prototype vehicle which was like a small tank that buried itself into the sand, acting as a stationary turret when not moving.

    Terratech Note: They later found out they were wrong, but they had already built a small craft with a turret base on it, named the Antlion for its ability to dig into soft sand. It should have been able to dig into the foreign sand as well, but the Scrappers found out the the sand in other regions was not able to be dug into so easily, so the digging aspect was abandoned temporarily. Being the mad scientists that he is, the Chief Designer slapped some wheels and auto cannons on and took the joints out of the front digging jaws, making them into pure armor. He even considered simple lasers for extreme close range and large cannons for a long-range variant. After considering many new names, including BabDrone due to the Chief's haste, they settled on keeping Antlion in memory of the failed experiment.

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