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    . Free cheats code list Primal Wars Dino Age - gold, resources (food, stone, metal), wealth sigil, crystal gems, unlimited energy, vip points, speed up, upgrade, level up, gift box, premium pack, wiki, tutorial.

    Official site Primal Wars Dino Age cheat world: enemies are encroaching on our territory. Even worse, the fabled Dragon of destruction is leading the charge. Fortunately, we also have a powerful guardian, Sauroi, among us. Both the dragons have been severely injured. Let’s revitalize the damage territory while our Sauroi licks its wounds. Sauroi needs time to be recovered, we should develop our territory first.


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    There is an enemy camp ahead. We will need a team of barbarians to defeat them. Training camp - where units are trained. Upgrade to improve training efficiency. Make good use of it to build a formidable army. Our army needs as many units as we can get. The enemies are weak. We have enough barbarians, let’s recapture the lost land.

    Primal Wars Dino Age cheats android, ios hack codes


    Look what we’ve got? A dinosaur! Activate it and check out what it could do for us. Chasmo improves build speed, which is beneficial for the territory's development. Resources are essential to further develop our territory. Build farm to increase food output and capacity. Upgrade Chief’s Hut to raise building level cap. The level cap of your buildings is determined by the level of your chief’s Hut. Upgrade chief’s hut to further upgrade other buildings.
    Primal Wars Dino Age gift box
    Territory overview - the foundation of territorial expansion and military development. Upgrade to increase aid attempts. High level buildings take longer time to construct. We need more free speed up or hack cheats code. You can gain plentiful of free speed up by completing challenges. You can use vip points to upgrade vip level, which in turns increases free speed up time. This will definitely help us a lot.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: infirmary - where wounded units receive treatment. Upgrade to increase capacity. Shrine - study perks to improve your development and military performance. Embassy - where reinforcements are received and dispatched. Blacksmith - where various materials are fused into chief gear. Market - where resources are transported. Hall of war - where alliance rally attacks are initiated. Prison - where enemy chief are imprisoned and executed.

    Tutorial (wiki): pet’s bonus will also apply during idle mode. You can relocate you territory to anywhere within any region for 5 times. Study architecture to improve build speed. Don’t forget to study various perks in shrine to improve our strength. Join an hack alliance to get unlimited crystals. Reduce waiting time with alliance speed up aid. Make good use of alliance features for rewards. YOu can use speed up items to reduce construction time. You can gain plentiful of free speed up by completing challenges. You can use speed up items to accelerate territory development.

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    4. 1eiezWfdab8vUc3 - crystal gems
    5. Z9GfkbHkWBEwK2B - unlimited energy
    6. R5tqWFoZmRgLLp5 - vip points
    7. JTq54qGsLyTq3gF - speed up
    8. r4LuPqMPyMcFO0p - upgrade
    9. 3ACIYzMDnbVx1CY - level up
    10. D6hXpQVnhwDLliJ - gift box
    11. pKwJqbbEy3VD1v3 - premium pack
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