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    Official site Rabbit in the moon cheat world: You know what? The rabbits used to be the strongest among all species in the world. But why did i, the leader of the rabbits ended up trapped in the back of the moon? You’re just about to find out. Because i’m about to break out of this prison. You are about to embark on your journey with Lunhare.


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    The prison door is open, the prisoner is trying to escape. I’ll just have to open the Pandora’s box, then. First, let’s summon heroes. This site is the force field of summoning. I can summon great heroes using the power of Pandora’s box. Class a is the best i can get for the first summon, but it’s a good started. Let’s get rid of that crazy skull head, shall we? Time to clean up the dungeon! We don’t have a lot of time right now. Let’s auto select the strongest heroes (auto fill).

    Rabbit in the moon cheats android, ios hack codes


    The red energy means that enemy are going to attack you. Let’s raise the heroes’ spirit this time! once the spirit meter is full, the heroes can cast special skills. When 3 blue swords appear in a row, it means that we will attack three times in a row! The skullhead was a good appetizer. Now let’s get to the real stuff. Use the open and GO buttons to practice fighting against more enemies. SKill point for dragon summon is full? It’s time to cast a special skill.
    Rabbit in the moon gift box
    The enemies are getting stronger. I think we’ll need a stronger weapon to fight. There are some equipment that we just got from the enemies. They’re not the best, but it will do for now. If you want to know more about character, you can always take a look at information menu. You can get random stat points by changing costumes. Some secret costumes may give you higher stat points.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: circus - there is a circus performance going on. Watch the show and get the rewards below. Epic summon cube - it’s a legendary cube that contains a class a commander or higher. Dragon summon - attacks entire enemy troop with 80% damage of an ally with higher CP. Evolves when level 10 is reached. You can receive hero summon cube after you clear all of area. You can clear the dungeon by using auto battle.

    Tutorial (wiki): blue dragon - there is no use in escaping from the dungeon. You are a war criminal who has destroyed the world. The dragons will never help you.We need the power of moonstones to summon heroes. Fighting in hero war will prove our strength and attract more heroes. We must defeat them so that other heroes will see our strength and follow us.

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    6. xRsEQBWNj0e9Rme - legendary hero
    7. QEwx83i6dy7w3t2 - evolve
    8. A0zleKNKIFv1KE2 - level up
    9. g60ViRlj6uu4Vp1 - gift box
    10. fEbN1FgvHN3gujt - premium pack
    11. JsOXytcLfL5ZhrH - diamonds
    12. QfsgNb9en4GCoSL - stamina energy
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