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    Official site Billion Lords dungeon building cheat world: my lord, the throne of lord of evil is finally vacant. To succeed the throne, let’s take care of the deserted dungeon! Evil throne - the core of your dungeon, you can unlock new buildings through your evil throne. It seems like the dungeon could use a summon altar. Summon alatar needs to build on a 4x4 tile, let’s do it. Go to basic buildings, summon altar, tap on finished buildings to release workers.


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    You can summon a general with altar. My lord, each general has a different skill. We recommend summoning the feisty flame salamander. We will need an army, create minions with barracks. Hairy is the most basic minion. They are cheap and easy to produce. Hairy is the foundation of your evil deeds. My lord, defeat all of your competitors around the world to ascend to the throne.

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    My lord, we’ve discovered another dungeon, let’s attack. This is a dungeon of some other Lord. May i suggest that we invade from below to avoid traps. We should also prioritize raiding the treasury. Send out a flame salamander. Hairy is up next. At war, hold on a rally point to keep deploying units. No! Our troop is under attack! it’s their cannon! Order the general to destroy the cannon. Tap on general when his is ready to activate skill.
    Billion Lords dungeon building gift box
    My Lord, how valiantly you fought! We can invade other dungeons to raid resources. We can use the resources raided to upgrade evil throne. Upgrade buildings to increase its defense and prevent enemy invasion. More intrudes have entered the dungeon. We need to build defensive buildings to defend enemy invasion. Tap on a defensive building, cannon and tap. The heroes aim to destroy evil throne, take them all out. You have enough essence, use skill to defeat invaders.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: summon and level up your powerful general and access new skills. If you are not sure what to do next, please tap on goals on the bottom. You could build the buildings for the dungeon. let’s collect the shields to fill protection up. The protection is worn out first instead of HP when under attack. If you take a closer look at the monster block, you can see the HP of monster that girdles the block like a band.

    Tutorial (wiki): it says 1 turn in the upper right corner. It indicates that one turn left before attack by the monster. You can avoid the monsters attack if you defeat them before they attack you. There are a lot of skills to help you, so you can edit of them which is fit for you later.

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