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    Official site DinoAge Prehistoric Caveman cheat world: welcome, new chief! your new cave quarters are ready for you to rule! We’ve prepared long and hard for your arrival! Let’s see what the workers have gathered so far! The hunters just brought food to our storage. Look at all the stuff! And it’s all ours! Don’t forget to come by and collect the resources gathered by the workers, otherwise the neighboring tribes may come in and steal them.


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    Or scouts found some outsiders in the forests, let’s go get ‘em. Let’s start by training our loafers. We have plenty of men laying around, you should train them for war by digging them coves. Don’t let them work so slow! Finish the digging instantly (hack cheats code). Now train them. It’s always pleasing seeing new recruits train, we don’t have all day for those slowpokes, let’s hurry up!

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      Characters (units):
    • Spearman - as caveman are, they don’t look too bright but they have skill hunting with their spears.
    • Bow wielder - this type of caveman are very special, they can both shoot arrows and are also pioneers in fashion design.
    • Mage Chamber - even before men discovered fire, mages were secretly creating fire from thin air.
    • Brute - not the best weapon wielder around, but this guy can take a hit.

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      The goblins - are surprisingly good with their swords. As a triple they deal some good damage in short range battle.
    Every battle starts with a 45 seconds timer, and every building you destroy adds 2 seconds to the timer. Bow wielders come from a tribe where shooting arrows was all they can do. Upgrade you cave quarters for more buildings and resources in your defense camp. Upgrade your chief tent for more buildings in your offense camp. Brutally strong, the chief is a fighter and a hunter with no mercy. He will never give up a fight.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: it seems like our loafers really enjoy their new oles as warriors. Let’s train them for real combat! Let’s go check out our Garrison. You can always swap back and forth, so don’t worry. The Gods have gifted us with a small supply of crystals, lets pick them up. They're right over by your tent. It would be a good idea not to forget our bow wielders! Use some crystals or hack cheats to train them all instantly.

    Tutorial (wiki): chief, our scouts have found the caverns from which those outsiders came from. Let’s go show them the might of our chief! Crush their cave quarters and take back the resources they stole. You can always go down to the battlefield yourself. Do not worry, if you get hurt, you always revive back at your tent. I must go, you can always challenge the other bases around you in the arena.

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