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    . Free cheats code list High School Gang - respect, violence points, bullies, nerds, increase stats (strength, stamina, charm, shoot), drink, flower, cash money, upgrade, level up, weapon, wiki, tutorial.

    Official site High School Gang cheat world: welcome to harrowth school, transfer student. I am your counselor. Follow me, i will show ypu the basic things of the campus. On your left, it’s your classroom. You can start your courses here (drag finger to move your view to classroom). And that is your dorm room, settle yourself down there. If you have any problem, come to me.


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    Your HP - don’t get it be 0. Violence point - when it is high, securities will attack you. Tap dodge to avoid damage. ap stun to break defensive stance. Enjoy high school gangsters? 5 star rating from you help us provide free hack cheats. Level up - increase stats (strength, stamina, charm, shoot). Select the settings in which you wish to play. You can adjust these options any time from the system page inside your backpack.

    High School Gang cheats android, ios hack codes

    • Gloves (attack, stun, critical damage) -a pair of old gloves, they seem very normal.
    • Bat (attack, parry, speed) - a real baseball bat. You can see it anywhere.
    • Branches - break off from the tree.
    • Bracers - were made by iron, looks very strong.
    • Collars - are like grabbing from the bulldog’s neck.
    High School Gang gift box
    Observe the number of elements required for the compound on the right. Choose proper test tube on the middle to contain the correct element on the left.Tap correct element, tap the target compound. Do step 1-4 until finish all compounds before class ends. Tap faster, run faster. And don’t let your endurance down to 0, nor you will stop.

    High School Gang secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you may run or crouch using the run/crouch button on the top right. Your chance of being caught by janitors os reduced when you’re crouching. You’ll get dizzy if you run too long. Make sure to take a break. If an interactive object is nearby, a round icon will be displayed. You can interact with NPC by clicking on that icon. If the object is a document or an item, you will acquire it. You will also see this icon appear when an item is available for use.

    Tutorial (wiki): you can find many different documents throughout the school. These documents contain various secrets of the school and tips on completing your objectives. if you’re stuck and are not making any progress, these documents could be very helpful. Text messages provide good guiding information for beginners. When you receive a text, you can read it by touching the UI. Text messages are not provided for modes above normal.

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    1. gNEiZW4I0CnQHyG - respect
    2. pCUSmUgguao0XFI - violence points
    3. KQ5ZH7KqQqVP4vT - bullies
    4. lpKCuNx1ceDDk46 - nerds
    5. FqlNyGB5WaWUf6Q - increase stats (strength, stamina, charm, shoot)
    6. jheqYp2Vkq3i8Kn - drink
    7. 4Vqj43CAw6ZLaQd - flower
    8. 1t7WFsILij0Pck3 - cash money
    9. W56Q2dHogvbTcKE - upgrade
    10. bKYvINuY0XfpqIS - level up
    11. qy4RkEvdnq5duEk - weapon
    12. ZikRHLEVn72425l - wiki (tutorial mode)
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