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    Official site Tennis Manager 2018 cheat world: before starting to manage the best players, create your profile. Recruit your first player - here are 4 top young guns who are looking for a manager. Choose the one you think is the most promising. Touch to display the info of another player.
    • Joshua Robertson (serve&volleyer) - like to attack the net coming in behind their serve, when possible on the 2nd serve return and in the rally, to hit volleys and put pressure on the opponent.

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      Max Boulanger (power player) - like to be in control and dictate the rally. They rely on the strength of their groundstrokes to move opponents around the court and go for winners.
    • Christina Meyer (defensive baseliner) - this game is all about consistent defense. Has a great court coverage. Knows the percentage shots and always hit them. This is like playing against a wall.
    • Lisa Villa (counter puncher) - frustrates the opponent by constantly mixing up the pace. Plays consistent shots with low error rate. Has the ability to quickly turn defense into offense.

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    Hello, i think you have what it takes to become a great tennis manager. This player has lots of potential. Train him for the incoming tournament. When there are several tournaments of the same category, one with higher prize money attracts better players. Your player’s physical condition is crucial, but you also have to train her mental attitude. have a look at what you can do about this. Each training you can do has some specific features you can use to influence your player’s progress. Some temporary points can turn into permanent points at the end of a tournament. The other vanish. The probability of improving depends greatly on the training types. It is also more difficult to raise already high characteristics, even though better staff members will increase your chances. Here you can find the list of those who have been improved during this tournament.
    Tennis Manager 2018 gift box
    You can find a detailed description of the training on the back of the cards. in particular, you can see its term which will influence the number of points earned and the probability of keeping them permanently, and the specialty, which will enable you to have control over the distribution of the characteristic points. You need a qualified staff to be able to do most of the training activities. Try to hire a sparring partner. Training: strengths can only target the 3 highest characteristics among allowed ones. By increasing your manager score, you increase the odds to find better new talents.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: each professional can be hired for a limited period of time. Hire this sparring partner and then come back to coach your player. Based on the training chosen, you don’t always increase the same characteristics. You can gain more information about the match using the available views, which will give you a better understanding of the match. You can browse the different views to study the various statistics relating to your player and her opponent. When you are sure your player is going to win, you can speed up the match.

    Tennis Manager 2018 Tutorial: weaknesses can only target the 3 lowest characteristics among allowed ones. Confidence increases the mental bar maximum points. Motivation increases mental bar recuperation during a match. Healers’ efficiency increases the number of points given back, including during intermatch. Counter displays the time remaining before the next tournament. Time passes with the training sessions and the counter counts down. Start the match, and let’s see how good your player is. Self control slows down mental bar diminution.

    Tennis Manager 2018 Wiki: you can use the time between each match to keep on training your player, or to let her rest so she performs better during this tournament. You can prepare the match according to your opponent and the tournament’s surface. Don’t worry, you will be able to change your strategy during the match too. You can ask your player to change her playing style to adapt to different situations. Strategies - here you can find all instructions you can give to your player during a match.
      You can also ask her to change the intensity of her playstyle:
    • if you ask her to give everything she has she will be at risk of exhausting herself, but will perform better. On the other hand, you can ask her to preserve her energy, but she will be less effective.
    • If you ask your player to focus, her mental bar will empty more slowly, but her opponent will get more. If you want her to pressure her opponent, she will earn less mental points, but her opponent will lose more.

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    Hack cheats Tennis Manager 2018: tournaments are split into different categories, from rookie 5 (the easiest) to grand slam (the most prestigious). The number associated to them represents the number of points won by the winner. When multiple tournaments in the same category are available, the best players in that category will participate in the tournament with the highest prize money. The surface on which the tournament is played can advantage or disadvantage certain players; for example, grass is faster than clay. Do not forget to take that into account when you choose you next tournament.
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