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    Official site Stone Arena cheat world: tap to summon your hero - attack the closest target. Wanna move your hero? I’ll letcha, but hear me out first. Ya can’t skip dis. Give it up! Now, lemme tell you ya all ‘bout dis game. Dis game’s so much fun! Beautiful graphics, tons o’ things to do, and it’s free to play. Tap an empty space to move your hero, or use the joystick on the left to move your hero. Return to your fort to heal yourself. You can summon units nearby your hero. Destroy the enemy fort.


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      Stone Arena General:
    • Wolfric (role: tactician) - is a good at controlling infantry units. Take advantage of the battlefield with large summon range and berserker effect to prevail. Hero skills: sharp shooter - increases ASPD and MSPD by 250% for 8 seconds. Also, this skill grants each attack extra damage equal to 10% of target’s maximum HP. Invalid against fort, heroes, and totems. Onward (passive) - increases the range of summoning infantry units by 30% during match. Prowess (passive) - triggers berserker state for summoned infantry units for a short time to increase ASPD and MSPD by 30% over 3 seconds.

    • Max (role: defense master) - is adept at defending your fort with skills and dealing extra damage to siege units. His active skills can deal great AoE damage, which has become a nightmare of group units. Hero skills: holly hammer - deals 200 damage to enemy units within 10 yards. Enemy siege units will receive extra 300% damage and be stunned for 6 seconds. Stability (passive) - increases the maximum HP of the fort by 500 at the beginning of the match. Crush (passive) - deals 500 % extra damage when hero attacks siege units.

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    • Slingberries - infantry units will deal extra damage to siege units. They are deployed in sets of four. Blueberries and hiding from enemies are all they care about.
    • Bush Butcher - his attack can hit all enemies nearby. Doesn't quite fit his assassin look, eh?
    • Bagger (siege units target constructions and fort) - is a terrifying machine, and it has nothing to do with bagger 288, seriously.
    • Watermannon - prides on its high speed attack. What it shoots are watermelon seeds, supposedly.
    • A trio of wheel trainees - battle is just their part time job. They are actually a part of a travelling circus.
    • Lady lobster -attack is terribly powerful. I guess the expensive Australian lobster pincer helps.
    Stone Arena gift box
    COnstructions excel at defense. They deal extra damage to infantry units. Siege units deal significant damage to constructions and fort. Summon units according to enemy units to gain the upper hand. All siege units operators graduated from the same engineering college. Use a spell to wipe out enemy units swiftly. You get 2 amber for defeating a hero. Within enemy fort range, you are unable to summon units. Not to mention that the enemy fort will attack you.

    Stone Arena secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: skills: arrow rain (spells are good at dealing with emergencies) - let the arrows rain! The beauty of this spell is that there’s no dodge mechanic in this game. Meteor chest cheats - grants common, rare, epic units and a small chance to get legendary units. Hero skills are extremely powerful, but the cooldown is very long. The timing is essential.

    Stone Arena Tutorial (wiki): summoned units will attack automatically. In silent status, your hero is unable to summon units. Amber and amber capacity regenerate over time. Marley finishes in seconds, just like our lead programmer. Each hero has unique skills that are available right from the beginning. Once 2 mins have passed, amber production is doubled. Invite your friends to fight together.

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    1. FBHFKZLsjDV0Gxe - gold (coins - koinz)
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    3. S7eBiHmxQpxhnvH - upgrade
    4. Y8P3U9KhroLCK07 - legendary units
    5. 1IjVTf2iZO6rrVU - treasure chest
    6. xOmCu3ECMEpceMh - level up
    7. lP9WnCKaBAEoTOp - evolve
    8. Cr07CW1AsELrpjk - rank up
    9. xl8V8u4R8bqNAeR - premium pack
    10. gvY0iONs3j8uZAk - gem crystal
    11. Sczhsvr6wLBAQL7 - gift box
    12. eI3NbUkU58z9vVa - vip
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