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    unlimited ninja android hack

    Shoose class: taijutsu - a talent who only loves Taijutsu and extremely good at it; genjutsu - the older brother of Onmyoji family's twin, very talented and loves to study secret techniques; ninjutsu - has very sharp understanding on all types of ninjutsu and is called the white cyclone;

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    Receive s. ability from: daily salary, clearing stage for the first. After finished s. ability scroll can upgrade main character attribut.

    Game unlimited ninja Features :

    1. Authentic storyline, including all the twist and turns and conversation.
    2. Super cool skill effect.
    3. Simple and easy game mode.
    4. The game focuses on multi-player interaction, with the server able to support thousands of player online simultaneously.
    5. The worldview, ninja characters, skill effect, etc.,all help player truly immerse into the Ninja world.
    6. The interface simplifies operation, providing friendly interaction between user and game.
    7. Focusing on virtual world's randomness and imitation, so the cost of items in shop unlimited ninja, country and camp balance, all allow player to control.
    8. Unique PVP and PVE system, truly considering mobile game user's gaming habits and game's own features.

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