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    Official site The Tale of Five Kingdoms cheat world: the crystal with a mysterious force Led the ancient to a brilliant civilization. But in captivity desire for immortality and the great it produced a bloody war to gain more crystal. The whole world is tired move water crystal also fell to lose the light. Long ravaged tangen Even traces of life could be found. Over the years, it vanished crystal is gradually revealed to the old look. In and around the new life growing those who survived began to bear hope. Crystal received the spirit of the land is strong divided into five pieces were scattered. He drove the bustle of life on the continent at a rapid pace. People called it as crystal of life.


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    Under five crystal of life it built five kingdoms. However, some debris crystal of life is absorb the blood of the ancients was the jewel of the devil. The contract with the jewel of the demon -the power of destruction could be put in hand. The world is yet again was overflowing with those who want to fill their ambitions. Five kingdoms to take the crystal of life it was caught up in the maelstrom of war for. But not all cases are taken captive by the forces of destruction. To stop the curse of the devil jewelry: Akain, Urk, Zen, Tanatos and Hestia. The journey of the five kingdoms’ heroes begins now.

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    Heroes above 4 star can use the powerful ultimate skill. Modified pieces can move to the area to use. Arrange partners into the troop and they can battle together. In addition to level up, your heroes can raise the ability by enhance. Enhance needs heroes or monsters as material. Equipment in hold can be used. Adventure school - you can continue the adventure following various missions. Wecan obtain reward after clearing various difficulties. Clear the stage to obtain the stars.
    The Tale of Five Kingdoms gift box
    • whip pain - it connects all the souls of the enemies will be sharing some of the damage. Additional effects: uses targets who are hit as the center, divides 80% of the sustained damage within 10 second to other connected enemies.
    • The confines of the soul - creating a link between the allies and the soul to switch some of the damage to the healing energy. Effect: uses 45% of the sustained damage within 5 secs to heal own troops in the area.
    • Karma of past life - the attacked five enemy. In addition, it returns some of their allies suffered damage to the enemy. Effect: rebound 10% of own side’s sustained damage onto the enemies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: after completing the tutorial, you can receive a 4 star hero, and a variety of currency in the mailbox. After all the reward is received or attend day count ends, the attendance book will be reset (based on 00:00 each day). The hero without + 5 enhance is yet a hero. Try with quick enhance to strengthen your hero.

    Tutorial (wiki): let’s learn more about camera operation - you can change the camera direction by moving your finger on the screen with no characters on it. Use two fingers to zoom in or zoom out. If you know the jackpot rewards - i’ll do the adventure well you can collect a lot of stars. Collect all the stars in chapter 1 and you can receive a great amount of ruby. Follow the adventure school to get more rewards.

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    1. EbfvkKxFST6f8DZ - hero ticket
    2. wOhCO2pv1bpynlw - present box
    3. PGmy1vPRU3OnzP6 - lottery
    4. wP6B5ulUmfSqddN - ruby
    5. t54DZirxXEjaP2r - gold
    6. oqGENEVPErg89DG - devil gem
    7. BgA2HPIRpeEQqgR - king summon
    8. dxqmQWhFiPjwhDg - crystal fragments
    9. FKfp7cZGh0QdAqR - honor
    10. uyS5q8aRj4PuXFx - skill stone
    11. GOxAY4dewmZPR4S - vip status
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