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    Official site Zombie Shooter cheat world: hello, young fighter! I am your liaison cheat-on, from now on i will provide information assistance to you. I hope everything is going well with. Since this is your first individual mission. The mission is not of great difficulty, please take advantage of this chance to learn the procedures. Spotted the enemy signal! It is a citizen zombie that are infected and mutated! The standard assault rifle that you hold is light, stable, and has a high firing rate. It is the perfect weapon for such zombies.


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    A true elite will certainly achieve the greatest results at the lowest cost! Adjust the shooting angle, the higher the precision is, the greater damage you will cause. Frontline base of nemesis - soldiers will gain supplies and training here, and will gather and set off to the battle. Before we officially enter the ranks, we need to learn about the military store. The military supply department will provide us with a variety of weapons and equipment, which includes the individual defense system that is indispensable for combat - shield.

    Zombie Shooter cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: phoenix - artificial singularity: launches a phase bomb that tows all enemies in the vicinity for 4 seconds. Phantom - thermal bait: disappears for a few seconds and leaves a hologram decoy. Invisible state attacks will cause massive damage and disable invisibility. Soldier king - enthusiastic gunfire: pull out the second gun and start a massacre! Entering the madman’s state causes you to immediately restore 30% HP, gain less damage, and continually restore HP and ammunition.
    Zombie Shooter gift box
    The items of the military store will be refreshed in the fixed period. One of the highest quality color shields will be available for. When the shield is exhausted, it will trigger an explosion of elemental range damage with the user as the center. The shield needs to be fully charged before it triggers another explosion. After getting new equipment, please don’t forget to equip.Zombie have been recorded in the previous battle. It was extremely resistant to the assault rifles. The headquarters have immediately transmitted a shotgun to you. Shotgun is a melee weapon. It’s full power can only be reflected in close combat.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can adjust the aiming rang with the right joystick during shooting: when the sighting line turns gold, it triggers a precision strike, causing tons of damage. Tap the action key to roll. Rolling can help you escape from the fatal attacks of the enemy, and also bring the character into a short invisible state. Different enemies have different characteristics. And we are to find out their weaknesses and attack on them one by one. Impulsiveness is not the quality of a good warrior.

    Tutorial (wiki): the characters page shows the status of your equipment. Click on the corresponding field to enter the equipment list and view or replace your equipment. Equipment quality is divided into: white, green, blue, purple and gold. The higher the quality of the equipment is, the greater its buff is. Collect and replace with equipment of higher quality, it is an important way to improve your own strength.

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    10. QSriUeBZdRMEjZc - premium pack
    11. cn9KR6PE9o8aPjC - vip status
    12. KmjXdax9WTPbNTn - voucher ticket
    13. 62JR2VCCSdb6eXx - evolve
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