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    Official site Mad Zonecheat world: june 25, 2020. Because the large scale implementation of the trade war policy trust between countries has dropped to an unprecedented level. In extreme countries, artificial intelligence has been used to create a remote communication shielding virus. Remote communication is completely shielded, fake news accounts for everything. The world in chaos, we don’t know who pressed the button first. We only know that the nuclear war broke out.


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    People are trying to snatch resources, cut one another’s throats, no communication, no trust. There’s death everywhere.. For survival people built their own shelters on the land full of radiation. However, resources are still increasingly scarce. June 25, 2045 - there’s not enough water and food here. We need to migrate to new strongholds. We are on the unknown journey, looking for hope...

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    Sir, this base can be where we start to fight against the marauder. By following the main tasks your base will get a great development. You can choose 1 of the 3 types of resource plant to build on an open field. You will gain many rewards following the main tasks. Fleet information - detail shows the information of each chariot. Upgrading HQ is the foundation of the developing. Upgrade your command center in order to construct high level buildings.
    Mad Zone Nuclear Wasteland gift box
    HQ - provide production capacity and storage capacity for all resources. Upgrade to build more buildings, each level provides 10 prosperity points. Become a vip to get a buff that greatly reduces construction time. You must develop quickly to fight against the marauder. Send out your strongest fleet to strike your enemies. After you clear the stage, you’ll become full fledged commander! Don’t forget to upgrade buildings and build chariots.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the base has been abandoned for a long time, we need to renew it at first. Chariot factory - increase SUV production speed by 10%, each level provides 8 prosperity points. Build more chariots to grow your military might. Turbo chariots - reduce troops manufacture/ remod time by 8 hours. Alchymist - this experimental laboratory can start work on the development of new and improved technologies. When it isn’t on fire.

    Tutorial (wiki): metallurgist (produces research materials) - with speculative philosophies and avant garde engineering techniques, the metallurgist can produce many more research materials than the alchymist. Chryso distillery - among other uses, excess purified chryso can also be converted into matter with a transmutation apparatus.

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    9. M28o09DgqnoneUq - fuel
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