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    Official site WARPODS cheat world: light years away from the center of the galaxy...We need to get to the mothership. First, let’s examine your warpod. See busted enemy ship? Shoot them. Hold and move the blue circle to aim your blaster. Clear the busted ships out. A tougher enemy? Time to use super skill! Tap on that stronger enemy! What happened? We must’ve been blasted to the outer Rim by the evil Draconeon. We have more pressing matters however! Anyone need help clearing these Scavengers?


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    We could use characters! Let us add Chloe to the combat team. You need cards to unlock hero. Tap on Chloe card - here you can see her detail. Tap on the assign button. Now drag Chloe over to the left spot and regroup on the main deck. Our travels are divided into chapters. Chapter 1 - watch out for the blocks. Blocks will slowly come down towards you. Warpods can’t survive contact with those blocks, so blast them. Splash extra damage around by breaking blocks.

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    Unlock sparky’s card - has a different set of details that make him unique. Heal - heal the entire team for 90 HP. Shockproof +5% team shock resistance. Assign him and drag Sparky into the right slot. The mothership is now safe, but our journey has only just begun. Draconeon and his invasion force! We have to stop them! We’re at the Outer Rim, the fasthest region from the galactic center, where the invasion is.
    WARPODS gift box
    Calcubots sells chests that contain hero cards. You need valuable crystals to buy chests. Legendary chest - buy to unlock 300 common, 200 rare, 120 epic and 50 legendary cards. You can purchase crystals, or you can find them all over the galaxy. In treasure menu you can see what you can get and for how much. Remember to unlock any new allies we get in the future.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Planethead here can find missions from all over the galaxy. Star track - boldly scout where no Puff has scouted before in search for supplies. Mad maximus - protect a shipment of ship fuel from scavengers. Missions can either succeed or fail from different factors. Send characters that have better mission skills to improve your odds.

    Tutorial (wiki): characters need some time to complete missions. You can speed up their process by paying crystals or hack cheats code. Success or failure, ya’ll still get rewarded. Be sure to return for more missions! Skill: rocket swarm - fire 10 shots, 9 damage each at a targeted random enemies. Stasis field - deal damage to a targeted enemy, stunning them.

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    5. JM9ib3x8NWXaP0a - evolve
    6. OGpzSPuMw3fCzcO - level up
    7. XQMCRu3Hpk7RPu8 - gift box
    8. W3pB1dXc3uZAwPd - premium pack
    9. jG5S1ibBjb3jHFZ - treasure chest
    10. eBHmA9vI9y1AjfC - legendary card
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