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    Official site Zombie Battleground cheat world: if we are to survive this zombie apocalypse we need those resources! Unfortunately they are protected by two turrets. We need to destroy them first. Lets deploy our troops to deal with them. Each unit requires an amount of water to be deployed. Do you hear that? A group of zombies is attacking.


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    Sady’s are attack is very effective against groups of zombies. Deploy the rest of your units to get a hand on those resources. I see you have a resource box. Let’s open it to collect its content. Tap on it and we will start to unlock it. The better the box, the more time we will need. Save the rewards, and keep going. We’ve got unit fragments, and a new arsenal card.

    Zombie Battleground cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters - this is your unit screen. You will see all your units here, even if you have not unlocked them yet. The characters in the left will go to battle. As you see, we have enough fragments to upgrade the Mortar to level 2. Tap improve to access the unit information. Here it is the unit file. It contains all the information about the unit. We will be able to upgrade the units once we have enough fragments, and gold. Let’s upgrade one, and you will see how their stats are improved. It will be very helpful in battle. Furthermore, we obtained some experience points that will help us to level up.
    Zombie Battleground gift box
    In order to keep improving, we need more supply boxes. The best way to do it is by fighting against other survivors. We will find other survivors in the arena. We can get more supplies from them. Tap on the arena to open the menu. Here you can see your current score. The score will go up or down depending on your victories or losses. We will unlock new arenas by increasing our points. Bottom are the survivors we can get in the current arena. In the next arenas we will be able to get a lot more survivors.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when fighting other players, your goal is to destroy their vehicle. A new arsenal card has been unlocked! These cards can be played anywhere in the field. Units can only be deployed in your side of the battlefield. Keep an eye in your water, you need to deploy your units. Upgrading characters has made us to level up. Now our turrets are stronger, and our caravan has more life points. The more you play the greater your chances to find legendary heroes in a box.

    Zombie Battleground Tutorial (wiki): as you can see, any units work really well together, creating a strong combo. There are many more combos in the game. Experiment with new decks and cards to find them and crush your enemies. Unlocking chest will take a while. We can have up to 4 chest ready to be opened. Special chest - it will be unlocked when you play 8 battles. Complete small missions to get great rewards. You can see your next mission on menu.

    Characters: Biker - being the leader of a motor gang has made him a strong fighter capable of giving a fight to any enemy. Rocker - she always loved rock bands. Now she prefers to crush zombie bands. The Swat unit can sustain huge amounts of damage. Use it to tank the turret damage. Zombie - three hungry zombies. They are not that strong since they are dead and all that, but they have quite the bits.

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