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    Official site DANCEVIL cheat world: you must be new here since you’re not dancing. This is new game, the world where people communicate with each other by dancing. My name is cheat-on, a well known dancer of this village. You can always change your name by tapping on the little button next to your name. It originally costs you a lot a dansonites to change the name, but you can change it for free on your first time. By the way, you can’t just stand still here.


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    Not dancing means not breathing here in Dancevil. Follow my lead. Try tapping on your character, then tap on the dance button. A dancer with no dance moves is like a person with no soul. How about making one? Well done! You must be wondering what you’re doing here. This is where you can view all of the dances you made. Of course it’s empty because you haven’t made any dances. Let’s try making a dance, them - tap on the add button.

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    Add button - you can always make a new dance on this page. Use the big doll in the middle to create it. Tap on the yellow dot to move the body parts. Why don’t we start with the right hand? The right hand is selected, right? Huh? The dots are too small? Let me give you a special tip. Try tapping on the left hand. First, tap on the empty space around the left hand. See? You can select the left hand by tapping the empty space near the left hand. Keep in mind that you can tap on the empty space to select a specific dot.
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    What happens if there are two dots located nearby each other? In that case, tap on the empty space consecutively to select a dot that’s closer. Now that you’ve selected the body part, place your finger anywhere on the screen and move. Then, the body part you chose will move in that direction. How smart! That’s how you can create a position of your choice. Use blue dots to tilt the head and body. Once you choose 4 positions, they’ll be united to create an artistic dance.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the completed dance is shown on the small screen on the left side. Though it might look simple and dull, it’s the perfect form that’s optimized for dancing. You can learn various dance skills once you’re accustomed to making a dance. Use the left and right button at the bottom of the stage to move.

    Zombie Battleground Tutorial (wiki): you can’t discuss communication without dancevision at game. Everyone communicates through dancing. It’s a way for dancers to show off their dance, music and music videos. Here, at Dancevil, those are the core content of communication since we communicate through dancing. Watching various music videos from different dances will keep you inspired. One more important thing is that you can communicate with the dancer who produced the music video on screen.

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