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    Official site Football Clash Arena 2018 cheat world: welcome to football clash arena! You are now a proud club owner. Play games and climb through the divisions. Let’s kick some balls. This is a turn based game where each turn you plan your moves first, then execute them. Every turn, you can plan moves for each of your players (or none of them). At the same time, your opponent is planning his moves too - but you can’t see it.


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    You can only see where the opponent’s players can move or shoot. Tap on the opponent’s player to check where he can move or shoot. Square - move, filled circle - ground kick, empty circle - high ball. Once you’ve planned all your moves, press ‘play’ to submit your turn. Opponent’s player has the ball - he’ll probably try to push forward and move through near tile.

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    SO if we tell your player to move to enemy, they will pass through the same tile, and your player will take the ball. Your player stole the ball? Select him. When your player has the ball, he has both move and kick options. Empty circle means it will be a high ball, flying over other players. Filled circle means kicking it on the ground, interceptable along the way. High balls can only be intercepted by a player standing still at the start of its arc.
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    After kicking the ball, your player can also move elsewhere, in the same turn. In the end, it’s your choice when you have the ball - you can move, you can kick, do both, or neither. To score a goal, you need to get the ball to one of three tiles (without it being intercepted). You can run all the way there with the ball, or kick it from distance - your choice! Both actions could score a goal - if the keeper doesn’t move to that tile.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: also, pay attention to timer! It was paused so far, but from now on you have 60 seconds for your turn. And top is the remaining time for the entire match. Earn more trophies for every win and keep playing to secure your place in the promotion zone and advance to next division. Tinker around some more or go straight into the arena - glory awaits.

    Football Clash Arena 2018 Tutorial (wiki): at the start of the match the ball randomly enters the arena. players that you've just obtained will have been sent to your reserves. first, play story mode to raise your player rank. Once you reach rank 3, have a go to at league mode to improve your skills. Missions give you targets to work towards, and when you achieve these targets you’ll receive rewards. Make sure to check here often. If there’s anything else you don’t understand, select help from the menu. You should be able to find out what you need to know from there.

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