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    Official site EZ PZ RPG cheat world: I will sweep these dungeons clean of treasure. a bounty hunter’s paradise! Only the best bounty hunters win succeed. What treasures will i unearth? Here are so many creatures to fight here! Danger! I’m not scared. I’m raring to go, you can’t stop me. I will sweep these dungeons clean of treasure.
    Note: gear refinement can improve gear attributes. Replacing gear will not affect refinement results. Refinement level cannot exceed character level.


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    Pay attention to the timing for casting skills. Quick combat allows you to quickly increase power. For 5 minutes, you also gain a 10% bonus to damage. Talent extraction allows you to match different talents against various monsters. Quick combat - +120 min AFK gains (gold, experience & drops) from haste! Can be used 1 time, and permanently increases benefits by 1 minute. Increase DMG by 10% for 5 minutes.

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    When total honor is high enough, you will get a new skill. Spend honor to raise your skill level. Remember, your skill level cannot exceed your character level. Tpa on skill icon to replace skill. Skills: Retribution - deals 120% + 30 MATK damage to nearby enemies, restoring 10% of maximum HP. Holy Hammer - deals 180% +45 MATK damage stunning the enemy for 1 second. Thunderfury - deals 200% = 50 MATK damage to enemy, increasing your PRES and MRES by 20% for 5 second. Uses skills to make monster fighting more efficient.
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    Characters: Archer - a ranged specialist with keen eyesight, and unmatched aim. Archers calmly analyze the field of battle and then take out their targets from range with their precision strikes. Knight - the embodiment of light and justice. A knight is unmatched in battle, with his unmatched defense and healing magic. He harnesses the power of light, dealing devastating damage to his opponents. Berserker - the inheritor of the berserker bloodline. Berserkers are melee specialists with unmatched defense who deal massive amounts of physical damage with their powerful blows. Mage - the master of the elements. Mages attack their enemies form range, dealing magical damage from afar, by harnessing their absolute control over fire and ice.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when you’re attacked by channeled spells, try interrupting them with your skills. Challenge dungeon bosses to get relics. The minute you entered the game, you’ve been in auto combat. This will continue even after you leave (and it won’t use up your bandwidth). Return to the game at any time, to gain a load of EXP, coins and gear. Complete higher stages to increase the amount of EXP and coins you get per minute.

    EZ PZ RPG Tutorial (wiki): use quick combat to quickly improve your power. Every level up allows the player to allocate 5 attribute points. Excess gear can be melted down for a chance to get new gear and melt points. Melt points can be used to forge gear. Upgrade vip level to get more attempts. Smelt gear which is: rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (gold). Autosell gear which is common (white) and uncommon (green). Always socket all get at least once. Have either all gold relics or all blue relics for your character’s gear. Blue relic is easier to obtain (and hence level) than gold relic.

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    Hack cheats EZ PZ RPG: when leveling relics transfer first instead of absorbing directly. Obtained legendary boots (relic), transfer relic properties into a low grade (common, uncommon, rare) boots. Absorb the low grade boots into the gear you are trying to level. This way, you can smelt the legendary boots ( which now has no relic in it), giving you an extra chance to obtain blue relic.
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