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    Official site GOOSEBUMPS Horror Town cheat world: let me introduce myself. I’m cheat-on, and i happen to be a skeleton! Welcome to horror town! I will be your guide for this tale. Nobody knows the mysteries of this place better than me. Follow my advice and soon you’ll turn this perfectly normal suburb into the epicenter of terror. Transform a boring town into a home for vampires and werewolves? Giant insects and aliens? Sounds like a plan!


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    First, we must welcome our first victim.. i mean, neighbor. The mysteries hiding beneath this town’s bland exterior may surprise you! While little Lucy dreams of Anything interesting happening, others make their own excitement. Dustin is the kind of child who knows how to get into trouble. he’s a veritable Demon. Build Dustin’s house and place a newspaper stand.

    GOOSEBUMPS Horror Town cheats android, ios hack codes


    Scare time instructions - assign the required monsters. Tap as many scared humans as possible. Claim the reward when the scare time is over. More and scarier monsters increase the chances of gaining the special item. Pawnshop instructions - visit the pawnshop at any time (it’s open 24/7). Review all the good selling opportunities. Sell your stored items and earn lots of coins. Don’t waste your items, refresh any order that doesn’t suit you.
    GOOSEBUMPS Horror Town gift box
    Town building instructions - complete every book story to unlock more content. Make your town bigger busier and more mysterious. Obtain, craft and sell items to earn coins. Discover lots of hidden mysteries in the city and its surroundings. Craft shop - obtain materials from supplies and animations. Complete the recipes requirement and craft new items. Collect the valuable crafted item when it’s ready. Manufacturing adds value to items so they can be sold for more coins.

    GOOSEBUMPS Horror Town secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: scare o meter instructions - tap a monster’s building and send them to scare humans. Collect the scary faces from fleeing characters. Reach milestones and claim a special reward in each one. The bigger your population is, more scary faces you’ll obtain. As monsters, you can scare humans to obtain materials and add new Goosebumps monsters. As humans, you can spy on monsters to find out what's going on in their town (if you dare).

    Tutorial (wiki): Gather a scary assortment of sinister creatures and terrify townsfolk, or play as humans to defend against the monsters! Collect resources, scare humans, investigate monster activity and explore the map to unlock new areas and adventures. The more experience you gain, the more you unlock new content, grow your town and discover chillingly fun new adventures.


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