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    heroes of havoc android hack

    A tattered kingdom where civilisation lies in ruins, a stomping ground for all manner of beasts and deplorable creatures.
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    A world without law, where might makes right and strenght is proven in battle. The forces for good seek a hero to explore the vestiges of this ruined kingdom heroes of havoc, meeting its nefarious inhabitants in combat and rectuiting a monstrous troop of their own.

    Duild your own regiment of villains - turned - heroes, collecting loot and upgrading skills as you go. Create the most powerful party ever to traverse The Realm.

    Your job in heroes of havoc is to take charge and lead a party of heroes. Your first hero, Sir Knight, a sturdy front line warrior who excels at soaking up damage. You can use Skill points (SP) to upgrade the skill of characters. Each time a skills level is increased, it gets more powerful.

    If you tap repeatedly on a skill's progress bar heroes of havoc it will make it go faster.Each time you spend skill points, your hero gains experience. This hero advanced a level, which makes him much stronger.

    To evolve you need to have the correct grade of equipment heroes of havoc in every slot. It will also cost you some stars. Stars are won as you progress through the campaign.

    The first time you defeat a campaign,the boss will give you a Hero token. Collecting enough of them will unlock that hero to join our party.

    how to enter cheats heroes of havoc

  • how and where enter
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