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    Official site Stellar Infinity defense cheat world: captain! We have an incoming enemy attack! Press “game start” to defend the planet. Top - you can check your magazine here. Reloads come faster after the first reload. Your HP is displayed at the bottom, you lose when your HP is 0. Let’s try opening one of the supply crates. You have successfully received a card. By pressing cards you can see info.


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    TO upgrade, you need spaceship cards. Now let’s try equipping the acquired tower. Press “use”, then equip tower in the slot. You can upgrade spaceships. Click on the tower to use it’s skills! Every tower has unique skills. You have successfully grown the tree. Gold is generated from trees and every successful defense will help the trees grown even bigger. THe gold has bloomed! Harvest them to use them as resources.

    Stellar Infinity defense cheats android, ios hack codes


    Card: s-stickes - a sticky satellite which slows down enemies by contact. Bombing - inflict strong damage on the enemy with the highest HP. S-teleguider - a satellite which fires guided missiles. Specena - this well made spacecraft features generally well balanced abilities. Fibelin - an average cannon which will maximize spaceship’s power (increase attack damage for 5 seconds). Chief pilot - get more XP in the battle. Tower enhancer - enhance attack tower’s abilities.
    Stellar Infinity defense gift box
    Planet HP enhancer - increase planet health point. Decrease cooltime - shortens tower skill’s cooldown time. S-miner - a satellite which leaves mines in it’s path. Conclusion - make the boss appear immediately.Jammer - decrease enemy’s speed. Power aid - increases spaceship’s striking power.Piggy bank - get more money in the battle. Bullet size up - increases bullet size. Urgent repairs - recover planet HP immediately. Radial - a radial satellite which fires bullet in all directions.

    Stellar Infinity defense secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: protect the planet from alien robots. Select upgrades to tactically protect planet. Open chest to upgrade spaceships and towers. Collect cards to upgrade your card deck. Cheats - increase number of cards, gold and xp income. nuclear weapon - powerful weapon that deals extensive damage to enemies.

    Tutorial (wiki): more bullet - one additional bullet is fired but damage per bullet is reduced. Build your own strategy by combining spaceship and tower cards. Open supply crates to loot spaceships and towers and place them tactically. After each stage, you can select tactical upgrades to protect your base. Hack: gold, upgrade, crates, gift box, level up, treasure chest, vip points, gems, bullets, evolve


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    1. fgaPUuQSH0BxvRu - gold
    2. i9hOmG29mjD9er8 - upgrade
    3. Fw9cY7ctxiTmnRs - crates
    4. l6reVBHv8MzglUL - gift box
    5. l7qPjQRmmej3q2S - level up
    6. t5g7L8HGAK4KfVR - treasure chest
    7. 8lHueR3RGkcqevT - vip points
    8. 5QOGUb89wAHjCLX - gems
    9. CHqDWdGkKUvMEJ4 - bullets
    10. ZGk4hejZn8qjdH3 -evolve
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