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    Official site Death Coming cheat world: what happened? Where am i? Am i dead? Oh, aye - i am reaper you despicable soul. Do you want to revive? i will give you a job. Just move and go, let me think about it. Take my finger, looking for the soul. I am coming.. We only have control over death traps, which are infused with reaper power. We create accidents with them and harvest the souls of the dead. See if you can spot them.


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    Find and click the dangerous objects in the scene. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Click it again at the right moment to create an accident. When you don’t know what to do, check the HINT. Now, see if you can trigger all the death traps. Hint can help you when you encounter problems. Your work starts in the town. The job of a reaper is to kill those whose time on Earth is able to expire.

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    Objects: air conditioner - a loose condenser unit could fall and kill someone. Steel lamp wire cover - pedestrians could be electrocuted if this comes into contact with water. Manhole cover - pedestrians could fall into manholes if they are not covered. Parasol - shields everyone from the blazing sun. Vending machine - one of its feet is missing, but someone propped it up with stones. Satellite dish - a new antenna capable of sending and receiving signals.
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    The new location is a disorganized and dangerous missile factory. At this rate they’ll never finish the missile, why not “help” them? I don’t like the despotic director, through. Kill all his workers for me. Start with the locker room. In some acts the weather changes and has an impact on both death traps and people. Try to organize your kills based on the weather, such as before or after snowing.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Your are given the reaper’s eye, which only shows your targets, so you do not kill innocent bystanders. These marked targets are related to you somehow. If you want to live again, you need to kill them all. But don’t let that slow you down, because they are just another soul towards the quota. Mission completed? keep staying here will gain you more experience, but of course you can come find me if you want to go to next stage anytime.

    Tutorial (wiki): it takes a lot of skill to become a reaper. Can’t trigger tha trap, right? That’s because there is a guard. You’ll need to take out the guard first. Use th phone to attract the guard’s attention. Looks like you were born to do this. More challenges await you. I love blizzards, because it means new accidents might take place. keep a keen eye on the environment and continue with your task.

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