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    Official site Airline Commander cheat world: welcome, commander! Here you will start all your airline’s activities. Let’s start with “airplanes and licenses”. These are the first available airplanes for your airline. Get your first license. Every time you start an activity your device will calibrate automatically. You can always change calibration by accessing the pause menu. Find a comfortable position and touch the screen to proceed.


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    Control tower has just authorized your first takeoff. That flashing light down there is the speed indicator in knots. Next to it is the altitude indicator in feet. Give full power to the engines. Well done, bring the plane to the speed of 111 knots and then gently tilt your device upwards to take off. Reach the altitude of 300 feet before retracting the landing gear. Be careful not to lose too much speed. Good, now retract the landing gear.

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    The indicator in the lower left is the radar, which shows you the next waypoint and its distance. Now point the plane towards the purple waypoint target. Landing: Reach the correct altitude and maintain the airplane on the approach path. Check the radar, remember it always indicates the next waypoint to reach. Check the speed. Here you will see the +/- indicator showing if you have to increase or reduce speed. Now reduce your speed by slightly lowering the throttle and stay aligned with the flight path. Now lower the landing gear.
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    The optimal speed to land safely with this plane is 120 knots. Try landing at the beginning of the runway. Reduce the engines power. Good, keep the place on the runway, i’ll take care of the rest. Return to map in order to complete your first contract.
    Unlock the license to take the exam. To activate the exam you will have to wait for the application to be processed. Use AC credits hack cheats to access the exam immediately. With this license you learn to do your first landing.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: each contract will open a route. It costs flight points and it gives you a reward based on the features. Each contract has one or more activities associated. Complete the proposed activities to conclude the contract and get the route. Improve your performance to increase the flight points you earn. Are you ready to get license A, go and take the exam to obtain new routes and better contracts.

    Tutorial (wiki): pushback procedure in progress. Wait until you’ve completely cleared the parking area. Now open the engines panel on your right. First of all, activate the main switch of engine 1. Now press and hold the start button and release it when the N1 indicator exceeds 50%. When you reach the maximum rpm release the switch. Remember, in order to be able to start the engine first you need to enable it with the engine switch. Do not leave the switch on for too long, the engine tends to stall. That’s it! The engines are in perfect condition! Go back to the basic flight panel. Give a little power to the engines to start and watch your speed.

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    7. 19IR1vqGa4cdDXr - autopilot
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    10. WipI72BsT6lZzWS - gift box
    11. 08JV8LkzihCxSgG - offline mode
    12. ywpabF1oIFDyO7S - premium
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