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    Official site SOUL ARK cheat world: the world of transcendental people living eternal life. To occupy that place, Gonryun, Yangsanbak, and Geum-O had fight for nearly a thousand years. The unite power of Gonryun and the twelve election as one. YangSanbak and Geum-O tried every way possible but still can’t defeat them. On death’s door, YangSanBak and Geum-O tried to organize a coalition through secret meetings. But Song-gang, the head of YangSanBak went missing. Negotiation failed. The long battle caused the Eternal world to deteriorate. Taesangnogun, the leader of Gonryun plans to restore his world. By using the soul energy that humans have. The soul energy - a foundation of this world, the source of strength that allowed the transcendents to empower themselves. Soul energy manifests when human emotions rise to high level. Taesangnogun created the art of internet it allows humans to inject enormous soul energy while using it.


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    But everything did not go as well as he planned. The enormous amount of Soul energy was beyond expectations and did not flow all the way. But it created a new dimension called Netspherea - an ancient fragment soul ark. Taesangnogun used the soul ark that has existed since the creation of this world. For his huge plan to unite Netsphere, the human world, and the eternal world into one. And in the end, He will dominate the world that he made. Gonryun’s 12 presidential election TaeGongMang of emptiness - one of the twelve election knows the plan. Dalgi and Hoyonjak together, try to destroy soul ark. Eventually, Taesangnogun decided to repatriate anyone who interfected with his work. In order to keep the human world from falling into the hands of Taesangnogun. While protecting the soul ark. We must rally every scattered transcendents of yangsanBak and geum-o in the human world to defeat Taesangnogun. it is the only way to protect the human world.

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    You know nothing and need to listen to me. First, you need to learn about link skills. That is the most important part. Link skills connect 3 skills (active skill> link 1> link 2) in succession. When active skill is used, you can select link skills 1 and link skills 2 will available for use after link skill 1. Take not though, some active skills have continuous effects that will affect link 1 and link 2. So choose when you use active skill wisely.
    First, we need some healing right now. Try Gumgangsungmo’s healing skill - heals all allies when you use link 1 and link 2. Link skill 1 is now available after using active skill. You can’t use the link skill of the hero who just used the active skill. Now choose any hero except Gumgang. First, receive the power from Gumgansgsungmo, then use chain skill 1 of Torin. Remember, after using link 1, you have 4 seconds to use link 2.
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    You can check the time limits on each skill’s icon. Now, try using some attack skill and gain a healing effect as well. When all 3 skills are used, all active skills will be temporarily inactive. As you can see, enemies will also use link skills on us. Activate the skill’s effect of Hoyonjak to increase attack power. And now, let’s try using chain skill 1 of Dongcheongun. There are many continuous effects and additional effects. Netsphere - this is the place filled with soul energy. You can change your profile picture later, and don't forget to write a self introduction. Your registration card also shows your player level. There are some things that player levels need to increase.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Open the map, and i will explain. Netsphere has 3 major districts. There are various dungeons, fishing areas, mines stalls, and other places in each area. I hope you will have a lot of different experiences going around. Build your team with heroes. There are 5 types of heroes: support, defense, attack, healer, and universal type. The first position of the frontline will take the most damage from enemy. This should be a defense type. Then put support and universal type on other positions of the frontline.

    Tutorial (wiki): one more thing to remember, you can organize a team for each purpose. Team leader skill increase all ally’s defense power by 20%. Let’s learn about level up that is the most basic hack cheat. You can combine heroes to raise their hero’s level. The synthesized hero disappears. The stronger hero you use, more power you will gain. However, the heroes needed for the team should not be used away.

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