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    Official site Aegis Magic Defender cheat world: the flames of war rampaged Nitoville. Coveting the power of hammer of Order, the evil forces were on the move attempting to scourge Heartkaser. Ruling the neighbouring land with terror, Rubert reached out his evil claws here. We are desperately in need of a hero. May the God of light bless the city. Let me introduce the griffin knight Brad. Fairfeather who has been guarding the city. Now, he wants to work for you to fight back against Rubert.


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    A mass of fierce warriors are under Rubert’s command. We have to try summoning more heroes to help us out. Tap the icon go to hero summoning window. Select epic hero card pack. Organize the heroes to fight as one and build a invincible troop. In hero deployment, adjusting a hero’s position based on the attack range can ensure more damage the troop deals in battle.

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    In troops, if the range between positions is 1, then the allied pioneer is 1 unit in range away from the enemy pioneer and 2 units from the enemy backbone. Please adjust a hero’s position based on the attack. The general is the core of a troop. The troop must have the general hero to fight. Vanguards take more damage in combat. Heroes with high defense are good vanguards.
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    It is required to improve the main city before expand your forces. now please enter the main city to view the upgradeable buildings. Upgrading barracks increases the number of troops a hero commands and his military power. Building spearman camp allows you to train more powerful spearmen. Deploy spearmen in your troops to significantly strengthen your power.

    Buildings: lord mansion - increases the lord experience obtained each hour and unlocks advanced buildings. Barrack - can recruit. Increase the hero’s soldier number after upgrading and new corps buildings will be gradually unlocked with the increase of level. Spearman training ground - can recruit the corps form the human camp: spearman. Build to increase the yield, upgrade to reduce recruitment time and increase attack and HP.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: our scout found a conscription building nearby which can conscript soldiers. Seize the open lands linking to the building first before occupying it. Select troop soldier replenishment in the main city to prepare for the next attack. Dispatch troops to garrison our territory. Garrison to protect your own or allies’ lands nearby. The report counts the results of battle. You can directly see the killing ability of heroes and the battle damage. Do researches on battle reports will help us better understand the gap between enemies and us. If we know others and know ourself, we will not be imperiled in battles.

    Aegis Magic Defender Tutorial (wiki): when the limit of territory is reached, you are no longer able to occupy captured land. With each 12 hours past, you can acquire a free chance to summon an epic hero. Buildings and recruitment will consume a lot of resources. You need to occupy resources lands ASAP or hack cheats code to supplement resources. The tech research has significant help for city construction. It can promote urban development form military, Dvpt and social.

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