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    Official site Infinite Legend cheat world: help me drive enemy away, then talk to Willy at rear. He’ll thank you a million! I’m using telepathy to guide you and i won’t let you lose your way. Mir isn’t common person. Don’t worry, you’ll get paid, more or less. There is a seal in your body, a very powerful seal. Let me teach you a basic self defense skill. You can try it on enemy after you learning it.


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    You learn fast! I didn’t expect you’re good at fighting. Upgrade skills to increase their damage. Both normal attack and skill attack deal damage three times. You nee hack crystal and gold to upgrade skill. Reach higher character level to unlock more skills. Enhance your equipment to improve your battle points. You can escalate your mount to improve your BP. Successful evolution will also change the appearance of your mount.

    Infinite Legend cheats android, ios hack codes


    Tap escalate button to increase mount’s experience, Mount will be escalated when exp is full. Evolve to rank 4 to obtain wake flame outlook. Return to main window to ride your cool mount. Swipe your finger upward to mount.
    Characters; berserker - high HP and DEF, one greatsword, wherever he goes, mountains fall and the earth splits. Lancer - powerful remote damage dealer, two lances, no wasted shot, checkmate. Elementalist - control elements, spearheaded wand, burns all, freezes all.
    Infinite Legend gift box
    Completing mainline quests will unlock story dungeon! Clear the dungeon to obtain abundant rewards. Pet - you can obtain it from gallery merge. You have to obtain enough shards before obtaining the pet. Tap the pet to field it. When it’s dead, the next pet will replace it to fight for you. Gold mine is available now! Goa na have a look! YOu can obtain abundant gold from there.

    Infinite Legend secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: activate your first goblin and dispatch it to mine gold for you! First purchase 1 usd to win goblin porter. Each 6 times more each see if all goblins activated. Do remember to collect mined gold on time. When cart is full, you goblins will stop working. Tap rebirth to access to rebirth window to give yourself a new birth. You’ll get new level and new skill after the rebirth. Level 200 is need to rebirth.

    Infinite Legend Tutorial (wiki): do remember to collect the gold you’ve mined from gold mine and hack cheats code. Pay attention to the red exclamation marks. Between 19:00 - 20:00 supply transportation will get double. Purchase item in lover shop, both you and your lover will obtain the gems. Kill boss to clear dungeon, obtain 3 stars if clear in 1,5 min.

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    1. Qhub0zORiewGYok - gold
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    3. nreTJHONppsQH4x - materials
    4. Edsbtg43lNcUrPR - evolve
    5. 2beyhbN4rGKe5Nt - upgrade
    6. 1fJeS4gaiCmZXTq - level up
    7. 8cvzgAUb9gsyX4X - wings
    8. 3CQaS9A0tVOKRed - premium pack
    9. qOKXfQtflQvznJi - legendary weapon
    10. R3Q1CkbZq80cz16 - epic gear
    11. ZR5XDN3SmxxRqkT - gift box
    12. oCYYU5snMoS3zQ0 - vip status
    13. UdqYW6cJVYgs6dZ - ticket
    14. 7vcZ87yy5cTVdbe - credits
    15. pu2vA4JFFB39Udo - crystals
    16. fBBxXZYVXrvrvZt - fragments
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