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    Official site Talion cheat world: 200 years ago, the great demon Aradune descended and brought destruction upon the world. Though Planerin sacrificed herself in order to protect Nar from evil. Her lover, Bezeniel, was overcome by uncontrollable rage at the loss of his beloved, causing Arslune to have no choice but to put a stop to him. The earth and the sky shattered beneath the might of the guardian dragons’ ferocious battle. At the end of an endless battle, they exhausted their power and fell into an everlasting sleep, deep within the earth.


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    Those who were brought to them by the hand of fate drank the blood of the guardian dragons and became their avatars. Each of them tried to restore the earth in their own way. Aegis, the shield of protection that pursues absolute freedom. Bident, the flame of judgment that pursues invincible power. These two groups, led by the dragons’ avatars, constantly clashed with each other over their beliefs...And were destined to be as incompatible as the two guardian dragons.

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    be careful! There are Rai monsters ahead! The Rai stationed nearby converged upon hearing the sound of Belacion descending. use basic attacks to defeat them. Fortunately, no one’s seriously injured. You’re alive, at least, but what the heck happened? Something with strong mana collided with the Belacion. I was not able to identify the object, though...Besides, i think something happened to the Belacion’s engine. It’s expanding powerful magical energy. I’m holding it from overheating for now.
    Talion gift box
    There are more Rai are blocking the road. Use a powerful skill to deal with them all at once. Quickly leave the valley before the Rai gather again, then head to outpost of the wolf knights for assistance. The enemy are attacking outpost. Help the wolf knights defeat the Rai. You decided to help the wolf knights, who are struggling to deal with the Rai. Your equipment is worn, so go get new equipment from supply officer army.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Learn how to view acquired items using the bag. Tap the bag button in the character menu. In order to establish a more efficient defense, collect material to make wooden fences. Learn how to use skills that can deal huge damage to enemies. Tap the skill button in the character menu. You can view and set up skills here. Tap close to exit the menu. Unleash your skill to defeat the enemy. Rupture - deals damage to an enemy to your front 3 times.

    Talion Tutorial (wiki):
    • bident - we will burn everything that is left and move on. belzab rules the flame of Judgment alliance, which carries out the will of Bezeniel, the guardian dragon of chaos. After God vanished, they used the divine knowledge left behind to build a magnificent tower and gather power, in order to fight the spread of destruction. Captivated by the blazing fire that consumes itself once nothing is left, they seek out ultimate power and invincible strength.
    • Aegis - we shall protect the remnants as long as they are here. Arkand leads the wings of heaven alliance, which follows the will of Arslune, the guardian dragon of Harmony. In order to stop the spread of destruction after God’s departure, they use the remaining power of God to establish and maintain a huge protective seal. As they wish to protect the remnants of the wrodl, they wish to protect Nar from the destruction by creating an indomitable sanctuary.

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    • Kyle - a mercenary warrior who yearns to avenge his comrades lost in battle. He overwhelms enemies with his high DEF and HP, and wields a huge two handed weapon that gives him a wide attack range.
    • Velletrin - a cold and sharp assassin from the slums. She uses two thin blades to instantly eliminate enemies with her fast ATk speed and critical Hits.
    • Pell - a battlemage of the holy elementals. She wields a variety of magic that can strike enemies at any range and uses damage over time attacks to chip away at the morale of opponents.
  • how and where enter
    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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