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    Official site Bird's Town 2 cheat world: i’m so tired! It’s about time for a vacation! Finally, we’re arrived! What happened here? A terrible hurricane destroyed our resort! We will help, we’re really good at this! Hard work needs a hearty dinner. Let’s water some plots first. Tap on the dry plot. Take the drop, holding the drop, swipe over dry plots for watering. Tap on the plot to select a seed. Choose wheat. Holding it, swipe over empty plots for planting wheat. Wait for the plants to grow. Take the sickle - holding the sickle, swipe over the plots with wheat to harvest.


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    6 plots are better than 2! Tap the button to open the market > farming section > plot > tap to confirm placement. While wheat ripens, let’s clean up the island. Tap the stone to split it. Stone is a good construction materials. But we also need some boards. Tap the tree to cut it down and collect some construction materials at the ruins. We have enough materials to build a house! SO what are we waiting for? Tap to enter the market. Construction takes a little while, but it can be sped up. Click on the construction. Tap the speed up hack button, tap the building to open it.
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    Builders need time, but they can work faster. Tap on the construction > speed up for free. If you don't know what to do next, ask me (quest - tap on the icon to open it)! I’ll teach you how to bake Fresh Buns! We need wheat for buns, then upload wheat to the stand. While the stand is working, let’s see one more task! Tap on the icon to continue. Buns are baking. It takes a little while, but the process can be speed up.
    Bird's Town 2 gift box
    Tap on the fresh buns stand to collect income and see what kind of reward await us! We need energy for work. The hurricane destroyed everything on this island. Can you help repair the geothermal power plant? Power plant produces energy. THen we need water for work. The tropical spring has dried up and overgrown with weeds. So, let’s clear it! From the spring you can get crystal clear water.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: let’s see what task Polly has prepared for us. Tap on the quest icon. We should build more houses before the rainy season! But, first we need to prepare building materials. There are too many stones on this island. We need more space for beds and cottages, so let’s clean up. The more plots, the larger the garden; the larger the garden, the more we have to harvest.

    Galaxy Battleship Tutorial (wiki): every bit helps us keep our islands running smooth. Our sawmill is unique. It produces boards without using a single tree. We care about the environment. Do you know what we are missing? A spinning mill! Why do we need one? To make ropes! We need ropes for all buildings. Feel like miners and collect some stone for construction.

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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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