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    Official site Gold Hunter cheat world: protect the hero! The hunter automatically continuous forward. The hunter walks automatically. Set your team and support your hunter. Touch the ring point and set your team! They’ll automatically take on enemies for you. There are different types of team members! You can utilize their individual strengths, and use the team you’ve assembled to launch your attack.


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    Assemble a well balanced team - members of your team that walk and fight can’t attack enemies who are in the air. Also, it’s worth remembering that when a team member is shot they will turn transparent. The game will begin when you tap the warrior’s GO button. Prepare yourself well, and then give it a press. Collect Bitcoins! Bitcoins to get by clearing.

    Gold Hunter cheats android, ios hack codes


    Hit the enemy to drop bitcoins! Get bitcoins by clearing the stage. Collect 2mBTC, and you can withdraw! Stage where Bitcoins are easy to get. Check the appearance Rank of bitcoin on the stage selection screen! The difficulty of getting bitcoins varies depending on the stage! Let’s try a higher rank! Use characters powerful attacking ability!
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    Each member of your team can be set to use powerful skills at level 3! Align them with your strategy, and use them well. A new team member has been added! The Fife has been added to your shooting team! Fife an ominous performer. Summons monsters from the spirit, world and sends them on the attack. has a powerful ultimate skill - instant death.
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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: equip the items that you obtain in battle! You can equip them via “team” on the menu below. You can increase the number of members you can select for your external attack team at the shop! If you clear floor 1, you can get the key and go to the next stage! As the stage progresses, the level of treasure will go up! one way is to get the stages forward! Use a gacha ticket cheats - if you get code a gacha ticket in battle you can user it to play roulette, on the bottom menu! you can obtain treasures like coins, or useful items.

    Gold Hunter Tutorial (wiki): use your sub hero, a team unit that can go anywhere. You sub hero can go anywhere that has a road! After tapping the button on the left, you can place them where you like! Mission clear bonus - let’s try missions to get rewards more. There has also expensive reward! Hack coin of good fortune - reduces the amount of coins expended.

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  • how and where enter
    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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