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    Official site Maze Shadow of Light cheat world: Once the light died down, the entire world was plunged into utter darkness. And the darkness gradually penetrated deep into the world of Tera. Many living creatures were consumed by the darkness, and gradually strange things began to rise up. We’ve walked far enough, but no sign of town. I’m going to find something to drink as soon as we get there. Goblins near the town? Stange. That’s unusual, something is off here. This wasn’t in my plan but we should better take care of this.


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    I should dodge their attacks to reduce damages. Since Resiac and Tooth are soul bounded, every skill Resiak use will effect Tooth skills too. Once a skill is used, stack points will be received. And depending on the stack points, team skill buff will change. Remember, even for a smallest buff will make a greater change. Survival skills are divided into defense and evasion. Tactically switching skill is the crucial key to survive intense battles.

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    Characters: Rai (great sorceress) - world is full of mysteries and wonders! Mischievous but talented young sorceress. She takes on a journey to find the truth of world’s mysteries. Resiak (last warrior) - when i let fear take me, i lost everything. The sole surviving warrior of the Blue fang tribe. Revenge is the only torch that lights his path. Tooth (guardian of dawn) - he is not only strong on magical strength from rigorous training, but also a calm connectedness that doesn’t waver in any circumstance.
    Maze Shadow of Light gift box
    SIna (silent assassin) - the world is not kind to the weak. The cold blooded assassin who lost her family in a tragic incident. Always seeking for an answer of her wounded heart. Shadow (guardian of twilight) - she keeps a distance between those she doesn’t like and herself. She can sometimes be fussy, but there’s a way to always know whether she’s happy or sad. Wise (guardian of tranquillity) - has always envied of Rai’s pure heart.But sometimes, she enjoys making fun out of Rai. However, she cares of her and protects her from any danger.
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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you have not received your purchased items, try using the purchase restoration. Raid bosses are formidable monsters, but the rewards are very generous. Learn the patterns quick! Because they’re not just monsters. I’ll enchant your equipments to ease the way of your future battles. Upgrade weapon - there is a way to make your weapon one step higher. With upgrade stone, your weapon will be flawless.

    Tutorial (wiki): upgrading will grant the equipment to one grade higher. As we level up, skills can be upgraded again. Also we must never stop training our basics. Hack gacha points and exchange them into bonus rewards. When you cheat gacha with the bless mark, bless can be used before you reveal your result. By blessing, cards will randomly blessed to a higher grade.

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    3. 9JrJo0kvyH1t53v - stamina
    4. vxmfcvnmWHdc25G - upgrade stone
    5. E9PjgcdgMLstFtH - chance ticket
    6. MyyOgLaoYKT9Fdi - gacha points
    7. kf5EnMVydqqykmb - costumes
    8. IB2ojEuhRHo1YvX - soulstones
    9. 6kTd7S9Hims6pw8 - promeium equipment
    10. Y2b0mBCJIWyI9a7 - gift box
    11. e2r1gJq5Z0xEF7E - ancient weapon
    12. oaH8GiEbr4ZCpG2 - legendary sets
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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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