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    Official site KITTY KEEPER Cat Collector cheat world: welcome to the rescue center. I’m cheat-on and this is Jude. He’s looking for a new owner. You should play with him. Jude earned some XP! Cats earn XP by playing on furniture. Let’s give Jude a treat to make him happy. I’m so happy you’ve decided to adopt Jude! Jude’s owner left instructions to give her mansion to the person that adopted Jude! That’s you!


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    What a day! Jude’s owner was so important to this town. I hope you can fix up the mansion and be as helpful to the citizens of Mancatten as she was. You have enough coins and gems tp get started. We need to fix up this mansion and fill it with cats to help the citizens of mancatten! Amazing! I can’t wait to make our mansion look like that! Let’s get to it.

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    We have enough coins and materials to fix up this room, but we’ll need to get more if we want to repair the whole mansion. Fixing rooms takes time. You can hurry this time by spending gems or hacking cheat code. The cats we adopt and people of Mancatten will ask us to help them through giving us quests. Quests are a great way to earn coins, gems and XP so we can level up and unlock more cool things.
    KITTY KEEPER Cat Collector gift box
    Cats need some things to play on - couch! Tap and hold to move it around. Use the buttons to rotate it or choose to place it with the check mark button. Earning XP from playing on furniture means we can level up and unlock more rooms, cats and furniture. Some furniture items have XP bonuses. More XP helps us level up faster! We can get all kinds of different furniture in the shop! Cats like to play on furniture and earn experience. You can help them along by dragging them onto the furniture yourself.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: levelling up unlocks new rooms in the mansion as well as new furniture. More rooms means we can take care of more cats to help us with quests. You found Millie’s stethoscope - she used to bring it to the rescue center when she would give the cats ckeckups. Millicent was a veterinarian! This old house must have lots of stories to tell. I’m sure we’ll find more keepsakes like this before we’re done!

    Tutorial (wiki): the world must be spreading about this place! You can add new cats to your collection or adopt them into the house. If you don’t they won’t stick around. All the cats you meet in the game appear here in your collection. You can move cats from your collection into the house. There are lots of rare cats to find too. Each time a cat plays on furniture the XP earned drops. But it resets every few hours! Make sure you return every day to watch your cats play on furniture and collect all the XP! Happy cats earn rewards faster.

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    9. xPMPrDsOXJ7EDls - happy
    10. Y2ZC42agwsIUJaJ - evolve
    11. 3dVw2MwpytqLrLS - offline mode
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