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    Official site BangBang Shooters cheat world: you’re awake? Young adventurer. Welcome to Hasse! Don’t be afraid or confused. Let me help and guide you. You have a hero’s heritage. Pick up the weapon and regain yourself. See pollies? Defeat them. Battles will bring your memory back. Now that you’ve retrieved your battle skills, you still need a handy weapon. Collect some round iron plates and hand them to Fergie. he’ll help you.


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    Use your finger to pull and aim. Then, release your finger to fire. Our teammates are giving all enemies, let’s reposition ourselves and attack with skills. There are too many minions, let's take them all out at once, be careful of the Demon king! The elder is hurt, let’s adjust our aiming! Well done, now let’s use the Steelman war soul finishing move! The demon king has not been destroyed, we are in big trouble! Hurry on the the shy palace and recruit more adventurers to help.

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    Finally, we have reached the sky palace! This is where you select your hero, select one hero for battle. We shall expand our party step by step, let’s make a move. We have entered training mode, the specialty of Garrett’s missiles deals more damage the further it travels. Do not allow enemies to come close, attack them from far away for maximum damage output. Try and fire according to the guideline, the missile will become stronger while travelling.
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    Heroes fragments are scattered all around the world, we need to look for them. Summon - these heroes have their own abilities and specialty, you are sure to be interested. Hero attribute - you are able to check out the heroes details here. Upgrading star force enables heroes to unlock new skills. Garrett - the best bounty hunter of the land. His precision ensures that every shot hits the target. He would kill anyone as long as the reward is high. Skill: use fallbacks to return position and recover HP. Upgrading the star force of a hero can change their appearance. Garret has unlocked the powerful homing missile skill.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: don’t forget to upgrade your hero’s stars whenever you get the chance as it boosts your heroes capabilities. When Moon drags her hook back, it also damages all enemies in a straight line on the way back. Take note of combinations during battle, looking at Garrett’s specialty we should focus on far ranged enemies. The monsters at higher ground are very annoying. Every skill has a CD time, before you are able to use the skill again let’s just use our basic attack. Heroes with higher speed will have the chance to go first.

    BangBang Shooters Tutorial (wiki): your support encourages us to strive for perfection. Remember the power of magical dust in gem combination. Use is limited to certain heroes. You can use all of the heroes in current stage. Summon - you are able to obtain hero upgrade materials here, you also get a free chance every day, remember to check back daily. Raising your hero level is the main method to enhance your hero’s attack power. Arena - we are able to face and do battle with players from all around the world there. You will be matched with opponents of a similar level with you in the arena.

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    8. cpkHjT7NLGobxoZ - talent
    9. isPDLOaJ0obNJUv - hero fragment
    10. 1AewK2uSOrAFJyV - diamonds
    11. dUCvnkXxepq3kKV - honor
    12. LSlvpGzgnwEucVd - treasure chest
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