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    Official site SailCraft GO cheat world: welcome, captain! i am your guider cheat-on! Let me show you how to fight. Destroy opponent’s warships to claim the victory. There might be some targets near the burning grids. The attack missed - it’s now the enemy’s turn. Cast the skill to let the enemy feel your strength. Tap to release magic missile - guarantees to hit the grid with a warship within a certain range.


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    Open the captain card pack to obtain warships shards of three types, 10 for each type. Shop page - you can purchase various resources here to improve your strength. Captain card pack - contains shards of 3 different types of warships ( 10 for each type). Fleet page - try deploying the new warship in the formation. Remember, the fleet slots are limited by the number of grids. For slots of specific grids, you can only deploy warships with the same number of grids. For example, five grid warships can only be deployed in a five grid slot.

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    Warships: hurricane - i watched on this board as they burned our ships and knocked down our towers. I lost two brothers that day. The war of the three kings, they call it. Moonspear - the dwarves breathe so loud, we could have shot them in the dark. Skill: Perception - mark one grid, the 3x3 range around the mark must have a target. You can continue to move after releasing. Iron palate - i spend a whole night fishing for the old iron palate. A whole night! My eyes almost broke. Skill: Torpedo - attack 6 grids until it hits any target. Beware the anti torpedo net. Torpedo will destroy the shield when it hits energy shield carrier.
    SailCraft GO gift box
    You can also manually configure the warship’s position. When battling with other players, each side usually has two fleets. the second fleet will enter the field when the first fleet of a side is sunk. You can win the battle by sinking the two fleets of the enemy. As your level increases, a new fleet slot has unlocked. The character unlocking requires not only completing the previous chapter, but also meeting the requirement of the league level.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap the avatar on the top left corner to view your detailed information. Gold - obtained via sailing road and league. Can be used to combine and reforge warships and upgrade frigates. The gold and experience can be obtained daily in battle is limited. The other passive skill of epic and legendary warships will unlock when the warship reaches 3 star.

    Tutorial (wiki): warship reforging increases the number of bullets. The frigate level cannot exceed the player level. Warships with the same HP in the main \ second fleets can be switched. When searching for and adding friends, you can search for both the friend name and friend ID. The unlocking of achievements requires your own exploration.

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