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    Official site Nano World cheat world: as you know our business is booming and we need someone who is qualified to help us expand. We need someone who can build a beautiful city, collect Nano gems and make sure his citizens are satisfied to support his business empire. Hello, i’m cheat-on, your city assistant! I’ll be here to help you. First we need to connect your city hall to the main road. Building roads is simple. Tap on the road icon, then tap on the green + sign to start building a road.


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    Now just draw where you want it to go with your finger, then tap on the green check mark. Now that your city hall is connected to the highway, we need residential buildings for citizens to move in. You can now start constructing the studio apartment building. Place the studio on the marked zone next to the road, then tap on the green check mark. Construction residential buildings increases your population and your tax revenue.

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    Citizens just moved in. You don’t want them to get hungry, let’s build a cafe. Food supply buildings generate revenue when working. The more buildings they cover, the more money you get. The cafe is not covering your studio apartment. Tap the restaurant to change its area of effect (AoE) to the most efficient layout. Restaurants cannot work without food. Tap on the food icon above the restaurant. We need 1 bread to fill the restaurant. Let’s go to the farm.
    Nano World gift box
    Farming is essential to keep your restaurants working. IT allows you to grow your own crops, raise livestock and craft farm related products. We need to produce 1 bread for the restaurant. let’s build a bakery. Something is wrong! Power-up the bakery by changing the AoE of the solar panel to cover the bakery. Restaurants generate money depending on how many residential buildings they’re covering.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: keep your restaurants running to earn more profits. You get 1 free spin a day. Keep the city growing and your citizens thriving. You are ready to take it from here. I knew that you are the most qualified person to expand our businesses. Collect nano gems to exchange them for gift certificates. Please choose the country. Gift cards from one country will not work in another.

    Tutorial (wiki): upgrade buildings to get bonuses. At any time you can convert nano gems to real gifts. Build more residential buildings and keep your citizens happy to collect more taxes and to increase your population. Population is your main source of income.

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