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    Official site Knight Defender cheat world: the high priest, teacher of our young prince, made a prophecy - only the noble blood can bring new life to the rusty crown. The old king indulged himself with the young maids and became oddly vigorous, just like at his prime age. Every night in the dream of young prince, there were always bloody hands and red eyes that made you shiver.


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    The seemingly healthy old king died suddenly. At his funeral, there was a crown made of light above the head of the prince. The people knelt down and called: long live the king of brightness. However, the devils appeared suddenly. But the king of Brightness were prepared for that. The era of turbulence in Enroth, had just begun. I’ll come support you after getting the other lane done! Kloss must treat me!

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    Don’t let enemies get close to the wall, or common people will feel afraid. Pit fiend kept summoning minions. We must find a way to take him first. Use skills to defeat him. Kill monsters gain energy, energy recovers over time, change enough energy cast powerful skill. When the energy bar has 2 full gauges, the ultimate will be available. Runes can enhance hero’s stats. Collect hero shards to tar up your heroes.
    Knight Defender gift box
    Blue heroes may learn passive skills for battle mode. Protect NPC to the destination, NPC arrives destination victory for battle. Behring (crusader) - a base attack finisher in tower defense and a peed based or skill trigger damage dealer in battle mode. Celestia (unicorn) - a commander in tower defense and a skill based rear supporter in battle mode. Base attack that slows enemies - better be in the front. Griffon - a base attack finisher and a controller in tower defense mode. Use him in battle mode to counter melee enemies with fast speed.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: after getting character shards, you may use them to enhance characters. After enhancing a hero for 5 times, you may star up him and gain lots of stats bonus. No enough XP potions? Get more from mirror trial. Leave first place to Behring so that his skills can effectively take down enemies. Second place - is the position for a damage dealer. Kloss will be very effective here.

    Tutorial (wiki): leave center position to unicorn, and all enemies will be within unicorn range with slowdown skill. Position for the last defender - a finisher with high damage will work well here. You will not lose stamina if you fail or re-challenge a dungeon. Get defeated? Try adjusting your lineup to make a different. After level 40, you may find purple gears in mysterious shop. Crossbowman Kloss can shoot out 3 bolts at one after learning the talent.

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