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    Official site Crazy Castle cheat world: There is terra nova in the vast universe. The sudden disappearance of Patron saint shelter made the whole planet lose balance and fell into wars. Patron saint flora came to investigate and was willing to help bring peace back to terra nova, but she was restricted to use her power directly. Just then, she found a young lord willing to liberate the world. Flora decided to stay with this young lord and help him to expand territory, pacify the troubled times, and search Shelter’s trace.


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    Lord, it seems you are not welcomed to inherit the fiefs. It looks like a fight is inevitable. Lord, have you noticed their city walls? When two troops fight against each other, the one breaking through the opponent’s city walls shall prevail. The opponent has initiated a war. Let’s dispatch soldiers as soon as possible. Lord, summoning jades should be consumed to call soldiers and different soldiers need different number of summoning jades. Summoning jade will recover by 1 point every once in a while, so the key to success is to.

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    Our soldiers have taken down the fortress. After taking down the fortress, our position has also been pushed forward to display soldiers freely. We’ve got enough summoning jades. Let’s try to summon cyclops. Cyclops is a large unit with high ATk, DEF and HP, which needs more summoning jades to call. The unit has a call limit. If the chances are used up, it cannot be summoned again during this battle. For example, we can only call one Cyclops for each battle.
    Crazy Castle gift box
    You are officially taking over the territory. Now everything has to be rebuilt. It’s time for you to fulfill your potential. Let’s repare the castle first, then we should recruit soldiers and build our own military forces. The previous army is the imperial escort for you to take office. Now their mission has been completed and are on their way back to the empire. Therefore, you own military forces should be built up. Let’s go to the hack tavern to see whether we can find some suitable ones.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: instance battle is awesome for training soldiers. Lots of soldier experience will be obtained. With exp, we can upgrade soldiers. We should prepare enough grain before we start a war. You should go and inspect the farmland. Farmland will produce grain every once in a while. The grain produced will be stored in the farmland first. The storage of a farmland is limited. When reaching the max storage, the farmland will stop producing grain.

    Tutorial (wiki): we have food again. We will challenge the instance again and strive for more soldiers’ exp and make our soldiers more powerful. The soldier becomes more powerful with the equipment. Every time you forge a piece of equipment, the forge needs to be overhauled for a while before it can continue. Can avoid this overhaul? This is really impossible, use hack cheats code or directly spend some diamonds, immediately overhauled. Or upgrading the owrshop, can also shorten the repair time.

    Note: the mines has been unlocked. Certain amount of gold will be harvested from time to time. When you have enough materials, please remember to upgrade mines and farmland for more output and storage. There are 3 kinds of city defense: gates, walls, cannon. The gate represents the HP of the wall in the battlefield. The higher the gate level, the more HP it is.

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    1. JqamI20o8QAFZV1 - senior recruit card
    2. WakwPi7WjIiVaFQ - soul stone
    3. YsjDvK5qqO0zHN8 - forge
    4. mKzEjD2D9PzOSU4 - grain
    5. EjSrlCth7rYtRvP - speed up
    6. cNz3c1ovTdRwk6Q - star
    7. 96UDGgfBiBXXSkl - gold
    8. qYr3toPEL6dC9E3 - crystal
    9. Qks6yD5Mo91WJh8 - honor
    10. jDM9vK1CX4qBTww - food
    11. oIQWb9I4dLVxcLK - wood
    12. jIw3WxItim69bBL -resources
    13. mvQhusVIu0KQb1k - gift box
    14. WsUigUbhI314zf5 - upgrade
    15. Q0bz6hjitiv2abL - evolve
    16. rY14xIMyydRfV0v - premium pack
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