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    Official site I Viking cheat world: greetings, jarl! look, this is your village. Your warriors are discussing a plan for the new campaign in the Great hall. Press to enter the great hall, to see the feasting warriors and to fill up the squad. A red-haired warriors stands at the door. He wants to join your squad. Press info button to learn more about him! Berserker - he will very useful in battle! Skills: Heroic strike - a swordsman performs a very powerful, non blocking single target attack. Counter attack - a swordsman temporarily gains the ability to parry an incoming attack with a common strike and strike back instantly. Let’s pay him some silver and hire him in the squad. Now you have five warriors, but you still need more for the raid! Click on invite warrior button.


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    Axe fighter - these heroes are always needed in big battles. Abilities: ram - an axe fighter spurts forward, dealing damage to all opponents on his way and knocking them down. Stun - an axe fighter performs a circular attack with his shield that affects several nearby enemies and temporarily stuns them. Great, now you have a small squad and it’s time to go west to new lands! Press the battle button to open the battle menu. Before fighting other players, learn the basics of controls and go through a special training scenario in a match against bots.

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    For many days your squad have been sailing west in hopes of finding new lands! The trip was not simple, but i patronie the brave and guide Drakkars to the cherished goal. Look, it’s the island Lindisfarne! There are many houses and wealth in this land. It’s time to go ashore and raid the island for the glory of Odin! Choose a character you want to start the battle with! Tap on the highlighted slot to see a list of all your men! You can select two warriors at a time. Press on the second slot to see the list of available warriors again. Slide your finger across the screen to rotate the camera and look at the road leading towards the village.
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    Let’s explore the area. Tap on the ground in the highlighted area to go there. The line will show a way to the goal. Press on the enemy to attack him automatically. Destroy the gato to get inside village. press on it to strike. Every viking type has two unique abilities that help them survive and win battles. use the whirligig ability to break into the crowd of locals overwhelm them and deal damage to multiple targets at once. Kill off the remaining ones until the flee in fear back to their homes! Now press on the highlighted door to pillage their miserable hovels.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: key - will allow us to open the iron gate of the local church were untold treasures can be found. Monk from the local church - he has a chest in his hands, and i’m sure there’s plenty of silver and gold in it. Look! On the other side, a large Drakkar has docked! Your enemies have found this land and now want to take your loot! The enemy surpasses us in numbers, resort to tricks! The vikings of the enemy clan are busy fighting locals, take this chances and burn their Drakkars. The enemy will have no choice but to admit their defeat and pay you a ransom! Vikings without their Drakkar are not Vikings. According to tradition, they will pay you a ransom.

    I Viking Tutorial (wiki): the larger and more beautiful your great hall is, the more bountiful feasts it holds. And a rich feast will attract seasoned vikings. Who you can hire in your squad, if paid well. If a Viking that came to the feast is too expensive, carefully evaluate his equipment. Perhaps he has a legendary weapon. Once you hire him, you will be able to store his weapon in your barracks, get it. Victory in online battles is not just knowing how to use a sword and an axe, but the ability to control one’s troops, too. It’s time to improve the stats of your warriors that became veterans. You’re almost ready to go into a real fight!

    One of your warriors has gained enough experience to level up. let’s pay a visit to the barracks. Press the squad button to see the list of your warriors. Double tap character to see his characteristics. Every time your character gains a level you can roll the dice and upgrade the stat of your warrior according to the rolled amount. If you do not like the rolled amount, you can re-roll one dice or all of them. The number of re-rolls is limited for each level. Moreover, you can either improve or worsen your results.

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    Go to the equipment panel to give character the hacked sword. To equip your character, hold the item with your finger and drag it from your inventory into the right slot. Tasks - important task are highlighted in yellow. Perform them in order to open new opportunities for the improvement of your village and warriors. Ranked battle - against other players. Confrontation between two teams of three members. The team that burns more Drakkars within the time limit or destroys the opposing team shall be deemed victorious. Remember, only warrior who dealt the enemy the killing blow will receive experience. Always finish the enemy off, for he who takes life becomes a hardened viking.
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