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    Official site Gods TD Myth defense cheat world: long long ago, the chaos demon invaded the world. The gods and demons waged a long war. Although the gods finally triumphed over the chaos demons, the flame of civilization was drowned in the gods of twilight. After thousands of years, the human civilization has revived, but also attracted the covet of the chaos demon, it is determined to make a comeback. This time, can mankind get out of the trap of the gods at dusk who have been reincarnated for thousands of years?


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    The Chaos demon has begun to launch a full scale attack on our world, and its minions are constantly harassing us. To defeat the chaos demon, first seal his portals throughout the world. We need to travel to all parts of the world and unite all parties to allow more gods to help us. I have a map here that shows the location of the portal! You get to know the basic information of the upcoming battle through this map interface.

    Everyone be careful! The purple portal is the exit that connects to the chaotic world. We need to work together to eliminate the monsters that come out of the cave. Monsters are deadly to humans, so let me draw them. The monster would rush to me along the route, quickly deploy the soldier to attack. Drag the soldier icon to a specific location on the map for deployment.

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    The deployment of soldiers will consume some gold, which can be obtained by destroying the enemy. Remember to deploy soldiers on both sides of the path. More monsters! I need to move to gain more battle time! Moving will drain my action points, action points will be properly restored after defensed a wave of monsters. Drag the hero to the green box according to the logo on the land.
    Gods TD Myth defense box
    Remember to drag the hero to plan the route and deploy the soldiers near the route. In the battle, we can upgrade the soldier’s grade to make him more powerful. Although i am god, i cannot live forever in the world. When the monster hits me, it costs me my health, if god runs out of health he will die, human beings will lost the protection of god, leading to the failure of defense.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: i gained more experience by fighting, and i improved my level. s the grade increases, so will my battle effectiveness. Not only that, but i also gained some additional capabilities as the level improved: talent. Gods menu - here is my basic information, through my talent to see my additional capabilities. You can get some precious talent points through upgrades. By assigning talent points, i can unlock my talent and gain additional capabilities.

    Gods TD Myth defense (wiki): monsters can’t dodge melee soldiers’ attacks. Plan the route and deploy some soldiers, and then click start to begin the battle. When you have the right time, you can use your skills to win. Drag the skill icon to the battlefield. You already know all the skills of the battle and fight for the future of human beings. Card storeroom - in this interface, you can see the situation of the soldiers. When we have a certain number of soldier cards, we can upgrade the soldier. The soldiers need to train with the workers for a while to get the upgrade done. Armed soldiers can have extra power, will become stronger in battle.

    Note: a sufficient number of equipment cards can upgrade the equipment they own. The upgrade method is the same as upgrading the soldiers.
    Gods: Prometheus - even the chaos demon is strong, i will still devote all my power to the guardian of mankind. There was no fire in the world, human beings can only spend one after a long night in the dark. In order to bring light to the human, Prometheus stole the fire of human beings, become the admired god of then thousands of people’s.

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