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    Official site Fort Stars cheat world: welcome to my world! You must be the new team captain! Are you ready to compete in the games of this world? You must build a fort and collect champions to assemble a powerful team. Can you rise through the leagues and become the greatest of them all? Are you ready for your first match? Try to defeat the fort below. You will need legendary card.


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    It’s your very first champion, the Barbarian. The barbarian is a tough champion capable of doing area damage with his powerful weapon. He has a melee range. he can only hit enemies directly in front of him. Champions move and perform basic attacks on their own. Use the whirlwind ability to help your Barbarian by dealing area damage all around him.

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    Drag and hold a card to see it’s attack preview. Release the card to activate the ability. Use Toss! This ability makes the barbarian throw his weapon in a straight line. Some cards need to be aimed either left or right. Drag the Toss card to the right of the Barbarian to play the ability in that direction. Victory earned you a vault. Vaults contain new cards and other rewards.
    Fort Stars Characters: ranger - a long ranged physical champion who is good at dealing high damage to a single target. Vault: Gruntling Den - a spawner room with physical Gruntlings who patrol and deal damage to nearby enemies. Goddess war shrine - a support room that increases the attack damage of troops and defenses in the room around it. Gold mine - a harvestable resource room that produces gold. Tap your mine to collect gold. The war shrine is increasing the attack damage of rooms and troops around it.
    Fort Stars gift box
    You unlocked a second champion. The ranger is a damage champion with a long range. She is good at damaging single targets from a distance. Play trials matches, win to earn vaults. Level up - upgrade cards to earn XP! Unlock new features - unlock multiplayer matches at level 3. There are so many forts to beat, each with a unique challenge. Let’s get more cards so you can upgrade your cards and level up.
    Tricks: Use the summon gruntlings spell - spells can be cast anywhere in the fort. The follow cam button will make the camera center back on your champions.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the ranger has joined the barbarian on your team. Remember, holkers go after the opponents with the least amount of health. Activate the ranger’s poison arrows ability to add poison to her attack. This allows her to deal extra damage over time. Play the poison ability to activate its effect. Barbarian can’t hit flying troops like shadowlings. But your ranger can help with her quick fire ability. login every day to get vip experience (vip 1 for 2nd day, vip 2 for 6th day). Abilities like Taunt, fear and even rally can cancel each other out.

    Fort Stars Tutorial (wiki): Play the quick fire ability to boost the ranger’s attack speed for a short time. You have four cards in your deck to play! Playing cards consumes might. keep an eye on your might meter to see when a card is ready to play. On the collection screen you can see what cards are ready to upgrade. Each upgrade costs gold. Upgraded champions have more health and deal more damage. You earned enough XP from upgrade to increase your player level and unlock land for your fort.

    Note: as a team captain, you must build a fort to protect you land and resources. The throne room is the foundation of your fort. You will need to strengthen your fort to keep it safe. Now build out your fort using the rooms you just received. Each room has its own fort point cost. As you increase your player level you will earn more fort points. Now place your gruntling Den. It will spawn gruntling that patrol and protect the area. Place a war shrine to boost the damage of nearby allies. The gold mine produces gold over time, just tap on it in the fort view to collect it. Place the gold mine out of the way of incoming attackers so they won’t steal its gold.

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    Get all the star in chapter to earn a vault with crowns and a rare card. Replay already beaten forts to earn extra rewards every day. Place your swordsmen barracks to better defend your fort. Always spend as many fort points as you can. Remove rooms if you need fort points.
    Fort Stars Rooms: Hallway - a cheep empty support room that can used to stack other rooms on top of it. Collect and upgrade rooms to build a strong fort. Throne room - a trap room that damages the enemy with the least health. A shield blocks 70% of damage from any spell, including summoned troops.
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