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    Official site We Happy Restaurant cheat world: as the sole global conglomerate with business spanning from chained restaurants, biochemicals, info tech, energy and security, our mission is very simple and very noble: “create demand, create consumption”.I’m sure you are now overflowed with joy for joining our big family. As the 1539123th chain manager, your position within the company is highly unimportant. But that will gradually change as you climb up the corporate ladder, with glaring performance for the next 50 years probably.


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    Our food may include minor physical and mental mutations. But don’t panic! The good thing about being part of a conglomerate is the synergy of our different industries. We have other businesses that could fix the problems, if the customers can afford it. Remember, we are to respect consumer demand! Never judge what our customers want or like. I’m sure you are eager to devote your entire life to this never ending enterprise. Now let’s set up the restaurant.

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    Production line unlocked. We can create different meal combos by building different machines on the production line. Unlock build slots to build more food machines. Machine construction just started. Each machine provides 3 customer pop. Please allow the game to send you notifications. You will be notified when important things are completed, like fishing construction. A customer just developed new preferences. We may need to build new machine or upgrade existing ones to cover the needs.
    We Happy Restaurant gift box
    Food machine - it is embodiment of the best and newest technology from our R&D department: burger radiator. It uses a small nuclear reactor to power itself, and produces radioactive burgers from nuclear wastes. We only use the freshest nuclear waste! You know the best thing about it? It’s 100 percent environmental! it can recycle its own waste and use it as an ingredient. Totally green, perfectly recycles! Machine complete. We can now provide food at the service counter.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: with food machines, we can host more customers. Tap on the telephone booth to get some customers. Ha, you just persuaded your first customer. he will stay here and spend eternally on the food he enjoys. We just started building the second food machine. We can host more customers when it’s done. Customers generate happiness when they buy meals. Collecting enough happiness will activate joy mode. The progress is displayed at the bottom center of the screen.

    We Happy Restaurant (wiki): our genetically modified chickens are superb by all our internal standards. It’s carefully designed by our R&D department, only replacing 50% of the genes from your regular neighborhood chickens. The chickens are particularly resilient, making them even better for situations like a nuclear or zombie apocalypse. I’m not sure zombies will like them though, but our customers do! With new machines we can attract more customers. Just remember to refresh customers every now and then.

    Note gameplay: god knows how refreshing it is to drink mercury. I have never tried it and probably never will, but our customers love it. An inconvenient minor side effect: it is highly toxic. But we posted a notice at the back of the back door leading to the back alley. i’m sure our customers are dutifully noted and well aware of the potential dangers. We can upgrade the restaurant when we have 5 machines. Tap on the service counter, then tap on speed up to help prepare more meals.

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