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    Official site Mercs of Boom cheat world: lost expedition -we’ve received a distress call from a group of scientists that was attacked by predators on the jungle. A mercenary squad has been dispatched to help them. Take command of the squad and rescue the scientists. Hello, commander! My name is cheat-on and i’ll be your adjutant. Let’s start with the basics of the combat interface. Controls: double tap on the area to issue a move order. Click on the enemy to open fire.


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    Boss - that’s one scary beast! A couple of spike wings are protecting it, and one of them just your scout. Deal with it quickly. Enemy has destroyed the cover? Order your scout to find a new one. Tap on Veronica to learn more about the new mission. Open the world map to view available missions. World map shows all unlocked areas and available missions. Make sure to always check your active squad and equipped gear before going on a mission.

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    Hey, boss. Know what i’ve been doing for the past couple days? Fixing vending machines and replacing light bulbs! Is that how you see my place around here? Well, think again! You hired a skilled engineer, now give me some proper work. I’ve reviewed the video log of your last mission. The enemies nearly tore you to shreds. If it weren’t for your tactical genius, our mercs would’ve been rat food in a ditch somewhere.

    Mercs of Boom gift box
    Frag grenades came in very handy during your squad’s last mission. However, buying them on the market will cost you a fortune, so i suggest we manufacture them ourselves. This way if finally get to do something. Hire some engineers to begin manufacturing. You need 2 engineers to manufacture a grenade. The armory allows us to build just about anything: a tank, a space shuttle, you name it. All i need is the technology and the resources. let me know when our eggheads research something new! For the time being, i’ll make sure we have an ample supply of grenades.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you’ll need more engineers to build complex items. Investigate the area around the crash site. Arachnids have been spotted ahead. Deploy a grenade. Select a cell to deploy the grenade - red area marks the blast. Ammo components - a set of various shells, rounds, explosive materials, and grenade cases. To solve the issue of different calibers and weapons being used in different parts of the world, a unique ammo kit was created that allows you to assemble required gear on the spot.

    Tutorial (wiki): the accuracy of the sniper rifle drops off sharply at shorter ranges. Use your side arm instead. Partial cover reduces damage by 30% while full cover grants a 50% damage reduction. Frag grenade - standard issue fragmentation grenade. A small explosive charge destroys the body and disperses small projectiles radially outward, inflicting damage on enemy personnel and light armored vehicles. Engage sentry mode. While it’s active, your merc will attack the first enemy that comes within range. Use guard mode to minimize the damage to your mercs.

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